8 iPhone Comparison

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Sep 23 2014

Photograph 8 iPhone Cameras by Lisa Bettany on 500px

In the past seven years, each new advancement in iPhone camera technology has made dramatic improvements to image quality. The iPhone 6 is no different. Besides being faster to shoot and easier to focus, the images taken with the iPhone 6 camera show greater detail and are significantly better in low-light.

In this follow-up post to my iPhone 4s and iPhone 5 comparisons, I present an 8 iPhone comparison from all iPhone versions taken with Camera+ including, the original iPhone, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPhone 5S, and the new iPhone 6 in a variety of situations to test the camera’s capabilities.

Click the link to head over to my post on snap snap snap!

8 iPhones comparison behind the scenes

Introducing my new photo app, MagiCam

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Jun 18 2014

Link to the iTunes store

We just marked our 4 year anniversary for Camera+ (12 million sold!) by launching a new, simply awesome, camera app called MagiCam. This app was a pure joy to create with the other members of the tap tap tap super team. All the details of the app and a few precious moments involving a hotdog with too much mustard & a goat selfie are in the video above.

MagiCam is our response to users who wanted a simple, clean, one-touch camera app with the power of Camera+, but without all the sliders and buttons. All the complex editing happens background, so that users have a seamless experience from snapping their photos to sharing them. MagiCam isn’t replacing Camera+, in fact we have big things planned for both apps in the future.

As for me, I am enjoying being back in my home town of Victoria, BC, living with my fiancé amongst the trees, ocean, and wildlife that knocks on my door every night for a midnight snack. I’m talking about you, Crumsby the Raccoon!

Special thanks to the awesome Dave Wallace of Innonvate Imageworks who filmed and edited this video with lightning speed!

Lake Minnewanka Stars

Jan 25 2014

Lake Minnewanka Stars by Lisa Bettany on 500px.com

View large on 500px

I saw stars! I was in the Canadian Rockies this past week and I completely fell in love with the landscapes around Banff and Lake Louise. I ran myself ragged photographing from sunrise to sunset and sometime after to capture the stars. I was fortunate to have some of the best weather they have seen in months.

This was my very last shot just hours before my flight from Calgary. I couldn’t help grabbing a few last star shots above Mount Inglismaldie on a chilly -10C evening on a semi-melted slushy lake. It was bubbling and cracking under my feet as I took this shot. In hindsight, I was very fortunate to not fall in… Mountain photography is not for the faint of heart.

Mystic Beach Cave

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Jan 8 2014

Mystic Beach Cave by Lisa Bettany on 500px.com

A view of yesterday’s shoot at Mystic Beach on the Juan de Fuca Trail, Vancouver Island from inside an epic cave. It was an incredible location for landscape and star photography.

I rarely use my 15mm fisheye lens because most of the time, it’s, well, too fishy , but for things like this, it’s the coolest lens in my bag!

Tantalus Mountain Range

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Jan 1 2014

Tantalus Mountain Range by Lisa Bettany on 500px.com

Happy 2014!

Here’s to a new year of adventure, inspiration & laughter! The possibilities are endless.

Festive Ornaments

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Dec 21 2013

Festive Ornaments by Lisa Bettany on 500px.com

Canon 5DMK3+100mm f/2.8L, 3.2s at f/14, ISO 200.

It’s decorating time! I think I spend more time photographing my ornaments than actually decorating! Little tip: To get really sharp images of your decorations in low light, you need to use a tripod. I have tried and failed so many times without one.

Kīlauea Volcano, Hawaii

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Dec 21 2013

Kīlauea Volcano, Hawaii by Lisa Bettany on 500px.com

Canon 5DMK3+16-35mm, 30seconds at f/5.0, ISO 200.

Kīlauea Volcano bubbles and smokes into the night sky. This was actually a challenging photo to take. It was pitch black and I ended up hiking into the bush to get some trees as foreground elements. Without them the photo was dull and lifeless. I’m glad I packed my headlamp!!

Sunset waves, Hanakao’o Beach, Maui

Dec 20 2013

Sunset at Hanakao'o Beach, Maui by Lisa Bettany on 500px.com

Canon 5DMK3+16-35mm+ND filter +2, 0.4s at f/9.0, ISO 100. Tripod: MeFoto DayTrip.

Waves at shoreline, Hanakao’o Beach, Maui with Lanai in the background. I got very wet taking this photo big waves are sneaky!

Catch me if you can…

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Dec 20 2013

Catch me if you can... by Lisa Bettany on 500px.com

Canon 5DMK3 + 16-35mm, 1/250 at f/8.0, ISO 200.

I was just about to give up on this shot when a young girl ran in front of my lens making an average sunset shot in Maui much more magical.

Vancouver Island Winter Sunset

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Dec 20 2013

Vancouver Island Winter Sunset by Lisa Bettany on 500px.com

Canon 5DMK3+16-35mm, 1/2s at f/22, ISO 100.

The water is so calm in this secluded bay in Deep Cove North Saanich that it mirrors the sky quite beautifully. I also realized that I need a pair of waterproof boots because I keep setting up shots IN water. Wet feet on a cold night in Canada is no fun! :-/