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Behind the scenes of The Heist trailer for our new #1 app!

May 29 2011

My evil twin, Sophia has been stirring up all kinds of trouble in tap tap tap’s new app, The Heist!

I am truly excited to be a part of this amazing puzzle game app! It has been in the works for a long time for tap tap tap, but within 20 hours the app was #1 in the iTunes store. Pretty incredible!

I had so much fun creating this trailer with an amazing crew lead by Joe Lindsay. Joe shot with a Canon 5DMKII with a 24-70mm f/2.8 and a 100mm f/2.8.

Behind-the-scenes from The Heist trailer-2

Setting up the camera on the dolly –Director of Photography, Joe Lindsay, 1st Assistant Director, Carl Sturgess, Grip, Dana Shaw & Gaffer, Art Phelan.

Behind-the-scenes from The Heist trailer

Our awesome Sound man, Shawn Doyle, who braved the rain & the possibility of getting electrocuted to make this shoot happen :|

Behind-the-scenes from The Heist trailer-3

Interior shot with Lane Genzlinger at Rebel Unit Media’s brand new office.

Joe sets up the shot.

Dana claps, “take three!”

Sam Barber seems to enjoy his role as the evil agent dude a little too much!

Oh! And don’t forget to enter to win a limited edition iPad!

Getting my iPad 2 at the SXSW Apple Pop-up Store!

Mar 12 2011

It’s been a long time since I’ve been this excited to shoot a one of these videos, but I couldn’t help myself. After covering the iPad 2  launch with Brian Brushwood for TWiT Live for hours and interviewing all the ecstatic new iPad 2 users leaping out of the Apple store, I wanted one to call my very own.

If you missed the live show you can listen or watch TWiT Live Specials 66: iPad 2 Launch here!

Woot! 32GB White Wifi iPad 2.

Brian shows off his new iPad 2

The Apple Pop-up Store in downtown Austin had one of the most enthusiastic crowds I’ve ever seen and perhaps the geekiest with SXSW going on.

Inside the Pop-up Apple Store.

The Pop-up Store location was so secretive, even the Apple employees didn’t know where it was going to be until the day of the event. I honestly can’t believe they put up this store in less than 3 days! It looked exactly like a regular Apple store.

Scott (Camera+ dev too!) and I are just wee bit excited to get our iPads!

Sexy white iPad.

Tomorrow should be another great day, I will be party-hopping with chief TWiT Leo Laporte himself and maybe… just maybe… we’ll see another crazy crowd surfing episode at the Diggnation party :P You can watch us live starting at 9pm CST on TWiT Live.

Awesome TWiT crew minutes after we finished our live coverage!

Leaving with my LOOT!

Scott, Phil & I take an Uber pedicab back to the hotel to set-up our new iPads!

On Sunday, I’ll be on This Week in Tech with some amazing guests. The action starts at 5pm CST! If you are in SXSW come by Momo’s for the Live taping of the show and a meet and greet!

Video Tour of Leo Laporte’s TWiT Cottage

Jul 25 2010

When I was in SF for WWDC in June, I made the trek up to the TWiT Cottage in Petaluma to film an episode of MacBreak Weekly entitled “Harry Potter”. I always find the cottage such a cool place, so I thought I’d make a brief behind-the-scenes tour to share with you.

Special appearances by Leo Laporte, Andy Ihnatko, a camera shy Don McAllister, Alex Lindsay, Sarah Lane, Tom Merrit, super-edit Tony.

Thanks to Andy Inhatko for jumping in as camera man. :)

How to Take Great Street Photography with your iPhone

Jun 19 2010

How to Take Great Street Photography with your iPhone Using Camera+ from Lisa Bettany on Vimeo.

Two days in the life of Mashable CEO, Pete Cashmore

May 26 2010

Last week while I was in San Francisco for Google I/O and the MashMeet SF After Party, I shot a short little “day in the life” documentary of Pete.

I shot the video with the same set-up I used at the Olympics, my 5DMKII, the RØDE VideoMic, and a Litepanels Micro LED light. The neck strap I’m using is the BlackRapids Rs-5 (perfect for storing my iPhone and extra memory cards).

I shot most of the party shots at 6400 ISO and used the LED to light people’s faces when they were talking. Next time I’m going to put a CTO (orange) gel on the LED to give people a nice tan, instead of the ghostly whites. Cuz let’s face it, us tech peeps need all the tan we can get. :P

Photo by Ken Yeung.

World Tapir Day!

Apr 26 2010

Shot with the Sony DSC-T500 at the San Francisco Zoo.

Flickr informed me that it was World Tapir Day, so I thought I’d give a little shout out to one of my favourite animals. Plus, I have this little vid that I took at the SF Zoo last year starring a very lovely and docile Tapir Goober!

Aside: I’d love to see a Tapir using an iPad. Now that’s a hit viral video in the making.

Mostly Bobsledding & Biathlon!

Mar 24 2010

Secrets of the 2010 Closing Ceremonies Revealed!

Mar 1 2010

Did you see the Closing Ceremonies and wonder how the crowd experienced it?

Well I’m gonna take you behind the scenes of the Closing Ceremonies pre-show and gives you an inside peek at all the pre-show activities including, learning the ins and outs of moose antler props, gettin’ groovy with the “Sochi Snowglobe” wave, packin’ on pounds with the hospital poncho and the good and bad of blinky, flashy buttons.

iPhone snap.

The video was shot with two 5DMKIIs & a Canon PowerShot 980 IS (for the reverse angles during the show). I was shooting with a 16-35mm f/2.8 & the LensBaby Composer (at the end) & my friend, Scott was shooting with a 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6. Niiiice piece of glass.

Best. Train. Ever.

Feb 28 2010

I take a ride on the luxurious Alberta Train up to Whistler to experience the snowier side of the Winter Olympics. It was definitely the highlight of my Olympic experience so far!

Stay tuned for Part 2.

USA-2 Four Man Bobsled Crash at the Olympics

Feb 27 2010

Shot with 5DMKII, 16/35mm f/2.8

Today six bobsleds crashed during the first two heats of the Olympic four-man bobsled event up at the Whistler Sliding Centre.

I was right at the side of the track when the USA-2 bobsled flipped over and slid side-ways over the finish line. Apparently, USA-2 pilot, John Napier, lost control during the infamous curve nicknamed “50-50.”

I was able to capture all the action in this short snapshot video that shows the entire incident, including footage of the Americans being pulled from the bobsled and being assessed for injuries. There were no major injuries, but a very tense moment for the Americans and the worried fans in the crowd.

John Kershner was watching and grabbed this screen shot of me in the sidelines.