Sharing a photo: This Cow looks Nice

Apr 26 2009

This Cow Looks Nice... 

I was on my way back to San Francisco from recording a rather silly TWiT episode at the cottage in Petaluma and I spotted a field of cows bathed in the most glorious golden magic hour light I had ever seen. It was similar to the light in that scene in Transformers where minxy Megan Fox is slinking down a dirt highway and Shia is looking perplexed, anxious & slightly constipated. Like that only cows instead of beads of sweat on Megan Fox’s sweaty cleavage. < — I’m going to get so many google search hits for that. Stats score!

Anyway, I jumped out of the old gelapi of a rental van I was in and ran towards the field to catch the beautiful light. This was my first mistake. You see there was a new & very protective mother cow with her new baby calves. And as you might imagine, Mama Cow was not too happy at me for charging towards her kin with a huge sniper lens. Maybe she was shy about her post pregnancy baby weight or something? So I slowed down, pretended to shoot some flower macros on the side of the road and sneakily approached from the side.

Well, I guess Mama was no fool because as soon as I was close enough to take a shot, she let out the most horrific ‘Moo’ I have ever heard. This was no Fisher Price barn opening moo, but a “I will bore out your eye sockets for fun” sort of Moo. I saw death in that mama cow’s eyes. Skull n’ cross-bones death, I tell you.

This is when I realized there was a large barbed wire fence between me and Mean Mama, so I snapped the shot of her boyfriend, stuck out my tongue, and skipped away.

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26 Responses to “Sharing a photo: This Cow looks Nice”

  1. Erm… isn’t that a male cow?

  2. Trying to trick a cow was your first mistake they are very intelligent animals, no “I’m just taking pictures of flowers” is gonna work.

    You would have got much better result dressing up as a milk maid, norman bates psycho style and make the cows think it was morning.

    The cows are always watching!

  3. In Google Reader on an iPhone, this looks almost like a Warhol print.

  4. It’s jalopy.

  5. “perplexed, anxious, and slightly constipated” haha this is great comedy! I’d probably look the same if I got to see Megan’s sweaty cleavage in person. New MostlyLisa post – sweaty cleavage pictures – think of the hits you’ll get from that!

    That cow was definitely having issues with her post pregnancy baby weight! I bet she was giving you “stink eye” too.

    Nice magic light picture Lisa. That model is a real cow!

  6. Is a “gelapi” anything like a “jalopy”?

    You kids with your crazy lingo!

    Also, the light does look pretty amazing in this shot!

  7. Cute story, but that cow looks totally photoshop’d. Just sayin’

  8. I think the cow smelled the lingering scent of Dvorak. He seems to have that effect on many species. :P


  10. shoulda tipped the cow and then taken a picture as proof ;-p

  11. Lisa, I believe the phrase you’re looking for is “this moo was aimed for my soul” or something like that ;)

  12. …but where’s the udder??? XD

  13. Actually, a cow protecting her calf is an EXTREMELY dangerous animal. For something that otherwise looks so unintelligent and calm, they can be a real terror if you get too close during calving season. That’s common knowledge up here in North Dakota. Gotta love that good ol’ maternal instinct!

  14. A little insight I thought I’d share. I have seen cows smooth run through a barbed wire fence. It might have hurt them, but they weren’t showing it. They’re tough…

  15. Another “Twilight Zone” moment with a cow! Just remember although dangerous, they are not that smart. Good shot.

  16. I forgot to add; just saw the several feeds of your TWIT show with leo and the wine tasting. Great series, ignore the peanut gallery of twelve year olds!

  17. @Graham L: I’m a Master Linguist, I’ll spells how I wants to! ha!

  18. I just listened to the TWIT show, sounds like you all had a good time!

  19. Udderly beautiful pic. It mooo’ved me…

  20. This reminds me of the episode of Friends where Joey says “the point is moo”, everyone looks perplexed and Joey goes on to explain “the point is moo, it’s like a cow’s opinion, it doesn’t matter”

  21. Your spelling of gelapi (jalopy) begs the question, Are you part Italian? Gelapi reminds me of gelato, the famous Italian-style ice cream. :)

  22. @MacSmiley: ha! you got me. That’s totally why i spelt it that way. And, to be honest, my spelling looks waaaaay better :P

  23. That funny!! I always want to stop but never do.

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