Corporate Fun times at the Coca-Cola Pavilion

Feb 26 2010

Music credit: “How You Like Me Know” The Heavy.

Coca-Cola is Corporate Olympic Sponsorship at its very best. Free Coke, free interactive games, free picture of you with the Olympic torch and the shiniest, happiest PR people ever. Although, come to think about it they did seem a bit disgruntled when I asked if I could get Pepsi instead.

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6 Responses to “Corporate Fun times at the Coca-Cola Pavilion”

  1. You’re a sucker for a hat with a nose aren’t you!

  2. Thats a very funny video, i’m watching the olympic games here in Brazil and i’m delighted with your videos and your city, continue making videos and sharing.

  3. Brilliant! Thanks for giving us such a wonderful ground level view of the Olympic experience

  4. What’s the music at the beginning of the video? Really laying down the funk.

  5. @DM: “How You Like Me Know” by The Heavy. Super funk!

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