Camera+… Now with Clarity!

Mar 29 2011

Presenting…. Clarity!!! I’m so excited to share this amazing feature with you. I’ve been using Clarity on my images for some time and the results are fantastic!

See before and after picts.

It’s a free upgrade, so definitely pick it up if you already have Camera+, if not, well get it silly! :P

Behind the scenes photos from the video all shot on the Canon 5DMKII to come!!!

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18 Responses to “Camera+… Now with Clarity!”

  1. Haha! I would like to see the outtakes of that video! I’m sure you couldn’t help but to chuckle!

  2. Awesome video, very well done. I updated the app this morning and can’t wait to take Clarity for a spin.

  3. Very funny video!
    Congrats with Clarity

  4. Awesome!
    Just when I needed this feature! Was looking all over (which gives good results that is) for something like this :)

  5. First what a great video. Can you get a Emmy for that? I just took my first photo and used Clarity, What a difference. Great work!!

  6. Great job!!!! Emmy, could help me (in person please) use the Clarity???

  7. Ace Video…an absolute classic! :)

    Cheers for the free Clarity upgrade.


  8. Great work! Love The short film :)

  9. Cool video, unbelievable though. Such tech oriented people would be using an android phone.
    Oh, I forgot, Camera+ is iPhone only. What the deal with that?

  10. Camera+ was mentioned on Howard Stern!

  11. Great feature and great clip!! Thanks a lot and keep on the good work!

  12. This is awesome. That video made me laugh :) (In a good way).

  13. Great job Lisa.

  14. Wow!
    That was fantastic. Well done. It makes me want to go out and buy Camera+ again.

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  16. I know I am missing something…can someone please tell me where the Clarity button is? I have the latest version of Camera+
    Many Thanks

  17. @Joe Djamasi: tap your photo, tap edit, then Scenes. It’s the first one with the eye symbol.

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