Camera+, The Ultimate iPhone Photo App

Jun 7 2010

Best iPhone Camera App Ever and my first App ; )

Camera+, the App that I’ve been working on for over a year, is now available in the App Store.

Woooo! *does a happy dance*

If you’ve been following my Twitter, Tumblr or Flickr stream, you’ve probably noticed a lot of iPhone shots pop up recently from my trips to New York and San Francisco. Now I can finally share the amazing app that created all those cool FXs!

NYC Taxi iPhone HDR
HDR (Special FX)

I partnered with the amazing Taptaptap team including, John Casasanta, Scott Meinzer, Wolfgang Bartleme and Karl Von Randow, on Camera+ and I truly believe we built the most streamlined and extensive camera App for the iPhone.

Camera+'s Purple Haze
Purple Haze (Colour FX)

I spent most of my time creating and tweaking all the custom Scene and FXs for the App in Photoshop. In all honesty, it was really hard coming up with 24 unique FXs.

I can’t even count the number of crazy and horrible FXs I came up with in the process, but I’m sure my colleagues can tell you that “subtlety” is not in my post-processing vocabulary. :P

*the hidden city*
Hipster (Retro FX).

We went all out on the names of the FXs, “So Emo” being my absolute favourite.

We’ve all had so much fun testing and creating the App, minus the time when we got slapped with a big rejection from Apple for trying to sneak in an illegal feature :-/

It’s been a long process and one that has renewed my passion for taking and sharing images. I am ecstatic to share this App with you! I can’t wait to see what you create with Camera+.

Download the App & show me your photos!

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134 Responses to “Camera+, The Ultimate iPhone Photo App”

  1. Downloading now! I’m so excited. :D

    I loved the photos you took with this app in NYC. Awesome effects.

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  3. I follow you on tumblr and have been looking forward to your app for a while! Playing with it today has been great and the app is fantastic. I plan to leave an iTunes review for it later today after I process a couple more photos.

    Only one recommendation: can we stack the filters? All other iPhone camera apps I own allow you to combine fx filters for a unique look and it’s frustrating not to be able to do this on Camera+. Perhaps as a possible update? thanks!

  4. Lisa, this looks SO cool! :D:D:D I gotta check it out :) (I love using my iPhone while traveling. Feels safer than pulling out my DSLR sometimes).

  5. So when can we expect the android version?

  6. Love the app, can’t wait to see what the app will be like when the iPhone 4 comes out.

  7. wow, I’ve been beta testing the app, and never realized you were involved in creation! I must say that this is the best camera app I have seen for the iPhone. Great job with your work with Tap Tap Tap!

  8. Downloaded app today and all I can say is “wow!” love it! Tried a lot of camera apps, and until now bestcamera was my favorite. This one tops it easily. Great job! Fun to use. Easy to use! Great effects that are just right. See several shots that I took today, well yesterday since it’s after midnight now, and plenty more will be there. 5 stars!

  9. I love this kind of innocent photography. Just catch the moment and make it unique. Really nice App…

  10. i believe this app is going to change the mobile photography idea. it really is cool.

    by the way why did you change your theme ?

  11. Great little app, I have had a blast with it so far.

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  13. Hi Lisa,

    Just downloaded the Camera+ App and played around with it.

    I have to say: Well done! And definitely worth more than $2.39

    I have the iPhone 3G, which means the camera itself isn’t the best, but that will change soon enough. ;-)

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  15. Hey Lisa,

    Awesome awesome looking app, and that’s my issue… it looks oh so good, but I can’t use it. Any plans in the future at all for an Android version? I know it’s not up to you but hey, who knows? Awesome work though.. thanks for the inspiration!


  16. I love the photo of the cabs. I’m not a big picture person, but I think I will definitely be getting your app. Very cool!

  17. Bought Camera+ yesterday after watching macbreak weekly. Blown away by how it makes even my old 1st gen iPhone’s camera pop! Love the UI and the speed, yet especially the tools. Very well done. Dumpimg darkroom and Photoshop mobile for this. Thanks, Lisa and TapTapTap!

  18. Hi Lisa, just wanted to congratulated you on such a fantastic App. I have pages full of iPhone photography Apps this one has easily become my favourite out of the bunch. I love the filters as well as the look and feel of the App design in general. I can’t wait to use it on the new iPhone 4! I think it is perhaps slightly under-priced for what it is. Thanks again!

  19. I’ve had some good results on my 3GS – can’t wait to get the iPhone 4 and try it out on that :)

  20. I’m sorta skeptical to dole out the $2.99 then in a few weeks it’ll be on “sale” for .99. It’s happened to me before.

    However, the more great things I’m hearing about it the more it entices me!

  21. I downloaded this app and took some photos on Parramatta at dusk.

    Absolutely fantastic! Best photos I have ever taken! Just the stable button alone is worth the price. And the lightroom element is a dream to use.

    This app is slightly sluggish on a 3G, and may be enough to abandon changing to a v4 iphone rather than android…CURSE YOU LISA!!!

  22. Congratulations on the launch and best of luck with it. I hope it’ll make you filthy rich ;)

  23. Fantastic app!! easily the best photography app in the app store. I can’t wait to use it on the iPhone 4!

  24. Any other experiences? Just curious because the camera app in the new iOS 4.0 sports a zoom function now also. Anyone know how Camera+ stacks up against it?

    I sincerely want to purchase this app, just want to make sure I’m happy without the $3 purchase…

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  26. Wow, even in Germany its #11 of the most downloaded apps, even with all the soccer world cup apps currently high up in the list. Congratulation! Great work.

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  28. I just downloaded the camera app. It is really good Lisa! I love the effects. There is such a good collection and I really like the user interface design.

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  30. Cool app and you look good HD or SD

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  32. Just bought this a few days ago and have had all sorts of dorky fun with it. (Actually caused me to spend more time taking pictures with my phone than I have in quite some time.) I would love something like this on the PC. Sure, these effects can be done with Paint Shop Pro or Photoshop, but sometimes I’d just like to take a picture from my computer and have a quick effect on hand without all the fiddling. I’m impatient. :)

  33. I’ve just reviewed this app and posted my own collection of photos made with it at
    Great app, thanks Lisa!

  34. On iPhone 4, after taking a pic, the shutter stays closed until you open the Lightbox. Could you add a feature to reopen the shutter automatically, or after tapping on the shutter/viewfinder area?

    Great app!

  35. Follow up to previous comment.

    Can’t pin down the exact cause. Turning sounds off seems to cause the shutter to not hang all of the time. There must be some other variable because it doesn’t immediately stop hanging once the sounds are off.

    I’ll see if I can troubleshoot this any more.

  36. I think I’ve narrowed down the problems, of which there appear to be two. I can’t tell how related they are, if at all. They are both resolved by entering Lightbox. Neither has anything to do with the sounds, as I previously suspected.

    1) Once a photo is taken with flash On or on Auto with flash firing, the GUI shutter hangs closed until you enter Lightbox. It doesn’t hang if the flash is Off or doesn’t fire on Auto.

    2) After taking a picture without the GUI shutter hanging – that is, without the flash firing – the flash toggle and front/back camera toggle buttons disappear until entering Lightbox.

    Neither of these bugs is cleared by returning to the GUI camera back. Only entering Lightbox or app switching away and then back restores the buttons and opens the GUI shutter.

    Hope this helps!

  37. Also, I couldn’t add Twitter sharing as the first sharing account. When I tried, it had the pinwheel/working symbol, then I was kicked out to the Home screen. Only after adding Facebook sharing could I then add Twitter sharing.

  38. @Aspen Mayer: thanks for all the awesome bug reporting! we really appreciate it. we are releasing an update to fix all these issues in the next couple of days :)

  39. Camera+ is a brilliant app. I love the simplicity with which you can turn a fairly ordinary photo into something that you want to keep and share. Thanks very much for producing such a great app. Simon (UK)

  40. Hi all,
    There’s a new Facebook fan page for us all to share our Camera+ pics, please take a look here;


  41. Wow, that looks like a fantastic app! Congratulations Lisa.

    I don’t actually have an iPhone, so I’d like to register my vote with the others for an Android app!

    An Android app would be awesome and would definitely be the best camera app on Android-based phones.

  42. theineffablebob July 3rd, 2010 at 8:28 pm

    I’d buy it if it were on Android.

  43. Hi Lisa, I really like this app but it’s become less useful for me on iOS4. I just moved from a 3G to 4 and I have the iOS4 update but it is still slow compared to the built in camera app. Any chance we can get settings to disable the UI shutter and other “pretty” but slow features? Something where we can take photos “bam bam bam” similar to the DSLR the UI is modeled after? Any plans for a video version? Thanks! Keep up the great work!

  44. Congratulations!

    I hope you are getting a good percentage of the revenue. You deserve it.

  45. Hi Lisa – I don’t know if this is the right place to ask. I have Camera + on my iPhone 4. I try using the stabilizer and it never takes a picture. I even set the phone on the desk and finally after bout 2 minutes it snapped a shot. Is there something I am doing wrong or that I need to do? Thank you. Greg

  46. Never mind…I needed to update.

  47. Is there geotagging on the pics? I just took a bunch and they didn’t come up on my places map. In using iPhone 4.

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  49. Fantastic app! I’m interested in the geotagging too. Location services are on for camera+ but pics aren’t appearing in the ‘Places’ tab in my photo album. For me, thats the only thing that stops it replacing the camera app at the moment.

  50. +1 for geotagging, just noticed that was not a feature. That is really the last bit, otherwise a fantastic app!

  51. […] Tap tap tap collaborated with photographer Lisa Bettany to fine-tune the aesthetic capability of the app. Her blog is filled with tips on how to take photos with an iPhone (like this), and she describes some of her role in the software development in another post. […]

  52. I would probably buy this if it were available on Android. The one thing I’ve seen on the new iPhone that I really like is the touch-to-focus/exposure and it works very well.

  53. It would be nice if there was an option to directly save the photos to the iphone on the menu. This would be a real time saver since I don’t need to perform additional edits.

  54. Where is the Australia app store love? Cmon we are dying over here without a decent camera app for the iphone 4!

  55. I know Apple pulled the App which I don’t agree with. are you removing the features they didn’t like and resubmitting. or is it gone for good now what happens I didn’t find out about the app till to late. I’m really bummed.

  56. Am I doing something wrong? I keep getting told the App isnt available in the US store.


  57. Hi, When do you think the app will be back in the App Store. I bought it about a few weeks ago but never synced with itunes. I have since replaced my iPhone and now i’m without this fantastic app!! Please provide some news for us on this soon!!

  58. You guys should totally distribute jailbroke app, I would buy!!

  59. Hi, I couldnt find this app in the itunes app store. Later i got to know that it has been removed. Does anyone know where else i can get it from for iphone 4? The more i read about camera+, the more i want to try.

  60. Any word on availability in the appstore? Cant wait! (will it be US only?)

  61. I was looking forward to this one, and now that I have my new iPhone4, it’s gone. :( Boo!

  62. Everyone is so silent, wrote a note on your fb and also inquired to taptaptap on the cache size in light box because I was worried about taking to many photos before downloading them to the camera roll. Can’t seem to get in touch with anyone….this has nothing to do with the app getting pulled although that was silly…..the volume fix was awesome, there is no way it could have added user confusion.

  63. I too am disappointed Apple has pulled the app, since I was hoping to use it on the new iTouch camera. Are there any plans to make app compliant?
    To loose one of the leading iOS camera apps to a technicality seems tragic.

  64. A friend has this app and I really want to get it. I understand it was pulled from the iTunes app store since it had a hidden feature to make the volume down button act as a shutter release. I don’t care about that feature, and would just like to get the app for the other features. Are you going to take that feature out, and resubmit camera+ to the app store? Or has Apple permanently banned you from any future versions of this app?

  65. Weird That Dev has not responded once since it was pulled. Almost makes me wonder if Apple put a hush order out as well.

  66. Not good of Apple to pull this. I had purchased camera+ and was using it extensively, until I updated my iPhone to iOS 4.1 at which time it was pulled off my phone. UNFAIR! I paid for it, and had pictures in the lightbox that I had not transfered over to the Camera Roll.

    If Apple wants to pull it from the store, that is one thing, but to take it away from customers who have already purchased it seems out of line!


    it was rejected by Apple. Please leave feed back with apple, since this is a great app.

  68. Love the Camera+ App, I have however a problem/bug to report. After shooting a photo and editing the image, when I go to “Share” it, the keyboard is not there anymore, use to be, what gives?
    Will this be fixed?
    Also noticed that if I keep the App open after a while when I go back to it, the camera screen/viewer is black, I can’t see what I’m shooting.

  69. Following up on DanG’s comment – the “missing keyboard” issue is a big one. Fix on the way?

  70. I can’t wait for Camera+ to be unblocked by the app store. Its so ridiculous.

    This, along with Hipstamatic and Instagram, is one of my favorite iPhone photo apps. Once it comes back I am sure there will be a rad update!

    I reviewed it and Hipstamatic here as well:

  71. Please re support this App the side control apple pulled it for is not a big deal. there is another App called Camera Plus stealing revenue because of the name that app sucks compared to yours. please please bring this app back.

  72. Hi!
    I use your app on my 3GS. It takes a while to load, but that’s ok.
    I wanted to suggest that you add the gps position info that the iphone camera app has. It’s brilliant being able to see where the pictures are taken. I hate losing that feature when using your app.

    Keep up the good work!

  73. Camera+ was my FAVORITE app. I created amazing looking photos from it. I made the mistake of not backing up my apps, and now it’s gone :( I really hope Camera+ comes back soon!

  74. Why I cannot download this app? (FYI I’m an international customer)

  75. Such a waste of a good app since this looks like a good app. Hope it will still be available in iTunes internationally.

  76. I second the whole missing keyboard problem! It’s maddening! :(
    Bring back the app and start updating!

  77. I tried to download the app but couldn’t find it on I tunes…
    Am I not typing the correct name: camera+?
    please advise…

  78. @Carine: Carine, if you read any of the comments before yours you will notice that Camera+ was blocked from the app store. Its believed this will just be temporary and hopefully it will be back.

  79. […], Net@Night, G4 & TWiP. Lisa has also recently developed iPhone Application ‘Camera+‘, which claims to be the “ultimate iPhone photo app”. Lisa uses Twitter regularly […]

  80. Strange that an article would go out touting the great app that nobody can buy anymore because Apple has its arrogant head in the sand and taptaptap refuses to revert and provide to the public what it’s begging for. Honestly, the stain from this event would embarrass me enough to add distance between my name and the app unless they’re hoping that by advertising something Apple refuses to sell that Apple will back down (highly unlikely).

    Great app, too. I wish it were still for sell. The new version of iTunes keeps trying to remove the app from my phone without my permission so I have no other choice but to cancel sync each time I plug the phone in and perform syncs and backups manually. *sigh*

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  82. I’m going to be repetitive and say ANDROID PLEASE! I would most DEFINITELY buy this app on Android if I could.

  83. Congratulations on creating a fantastic app! Just a quick question though. Unfortunately I rejected the ‘use my location’ option upon first opening the app, is there any way of changing this within the app? I travel around the UK a lot racing superbikes, so would love to have the geotag on to see where all the great pictures have been taken.


  84. Do! Problem sorted. I’ll be uploading most of my Camera+ photos to

  85. Android please! I switched from my iPhone to an android phone and I miss the app! I would definatley buy again!

  86. when do we have camera+ android version? can’t wait for it… camera+ is just awesome

  87. […] You can read more about Camera + at photographer and iPhone developer Lisa Bettany’s site. […]

  88. An android version would be awesome! PLEASE PLEASE make an android version!

  89. […] then get yourself an app. There are plenty to choose from*, but have a look at Photographers Muse, Camera+ or read up on the top 100 apps for […]

  90. This is the best app I’ve spent money on. I do have one big problem though. I took a pic just as the battery expired and now the app won’t start. I don’t want to reinstall as there are unsaved images. Any ideas?

  91. Another one who dearly hopes that this camera will be available for Android soon.

  92. Hi,
    I had the same issue as Brad, how can I turn geotagging back on, I can’t seem to find a setting anywhere.
    Ta, Anna

  93. @Anna — tap the icon in the lower left corner to reveal the menu. Switch Geotagging on. :)

  94. Is there any chance camera+ will again become available in the iTunes app store? As I understand it, they banned camera+ since it had a hidden feature to turn a volume button into a shutter release button. I’d be fine without that feature, and would love to get the basic app with all the filters!

  95. @David: it’s been available since Dec 2010 :P$

  96. could you advise if there are plans of releasing Camera+ for Android ?

  97. Thanks Lisa !
    دوربین مدار بسته

  98. Another wish for the android version! :-)

  99. Android please, this app is the only thing I miss since the switch from Apple.

  100. Lisa,

    For sure, you’ve made nothing short of a great mobile app here! But *IS* it a mobile app or is it really an Apple app? Hear, hear the “noise” about Android – that could mean a revenue stream to you! I for one see Camera+ as the sole reason for going for an iPhone, but even though I’m something of a Mac-head I will *NOT* follow the iPhone way. If that’s the only way to camera+, I’ll continue to be without it.

  101. Please pleeease port it to Android!!

  102. I once had an iphone and this app and loved it. I’ve long since switched and am happier with my phone than ever, save this loss. I’d be surprised to see it come to android however. Android suffers from the same thing that plagues PC’s – Hardware Options. I’m not positive this is the hold-up, but considering there are probably dozens of different types of cameras among android phones vs. the handful in iphones I could see where an app such is this would be much harder to develop without a very controlled hardware set.

    I could also be pretty far off, just speculation :) Still hoping to get it on my beloved android!!

  103. This is the best application ever and the only reason I regret buying an Android instead of an iphone, will this app ever be available for the Android market?

  104. Lisa, can you please advise if this app willever be available for the Android?

  105. Please Please Please make an Android app!

    I switched from iPhone to Android and I really miss this app. I’m sure it will be mega successful if it was released on the marketplace!

  106. […] create a digital product. Think Lisa Bettany and the Camera+ iPhone app, David duChemin and all his books at, JoeyL and his Photoshop training […]

  107. […] create a digital product. Think Lisa Bettany and the Camera+ iPhone app, David duChemin and all his books at, JoeyL and his Photoshop training […]

  108. Richard Daugherty July 21st, 2011 at 5:54 pm

    I, too, vote for an Android version. Remember the recent statistics Leo Laporte keeps mentioning: over 500,000 Android devices are being activated DAILY.

  109. Hi there – can anyone recommend a product to use on a mac computer with the same features as camera+? It seems counterintuitive to have to load all the pictures onto my phone to edit them

  110. please make one for android user :)

  111. You are so hot it makes me want to cry.

    I bought the app just for that reason.

  112. No comment on filter stacking?

    I love this app but feel that lack of stacking is a glaring oversight. Certainly, it isn’t a” feature” of simplicity??!

    Still no. 1 app though.

  113. Hey. Do you have any plans to do this app for android?

  114. PLEEEEEASE MAKE IT AN ANDROID APP ALSO :)))) just LOOOVED Camera+ on the iPhone 4 :))) wish i could get it on my samsung galaxy (android)

  115. PLEEEEEASE MAKE IT AN ANDROID APP ALSO :)))) just LOOOVED Camera+ on the iPhone 4 :))) wish i could get it on my samsung galaxy (android)

  116. Hey there.. I’ve been using this app since i got my iPhone in december, and I took so many good photos with my girlfriend. I’m going to switch to an android device, because I’m so bored by iOS, the only thing I will miss is this app, because there’s no comparable one in the android market. Will there soon be a release of camera+ for android? I hope that so much… :(

  117. Camera+ is an app full of awesomeness, I pretty much take and edit all the pictures which I post on to my photo blog, .
    I am an Iphoneographer and love the way I can bring my pictures to life using all the wonder filled wonderful effects. Keep up the great work and I cant wait to see what I can do with Camera+ on the super juicy cam iPhone 4S would sport.

  118. One of my top 20 iOS apps. You could for sure get even richer when publishing this for android !

  119. +1 for iCloud integration

  120. Will you be adding the “shoot using volume button” feature again now that Apple has used it itself?

  121. Lisa, please give us a clue as to when an android version of this app is coming. because I miss this from my previous iPhone (now that I’m android user). It’s the best camera app i have used. Please Port it!. PLEASE!

  122. Android please!

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  124. […] them and enclose a check for the total cost of the apps. Photography buffs should include a copy of Camera+ from photographer Lisa Bettany. It’s one of the coolest things I’ve seen this year, with all you need to be a great […]

  125. How well does this app work on iPad?

  126. How about a version for the silent minority – Windows Phone 7.5? I would actually pay more for this great looking app…if it worked with my Mango phone!


  128. Android please… :(

  129. […] create a digital product. Think Lisa Bettany and the Camera+ iPhone app, David duChemin and all his books at, JoeyL and his Photoshop training […]


  131. Now to make a non-Phone/iPad version!

    Love this app, use it alot with rave reviews, even professional photographers envy the results (not to mention the ease!)

    If only there was software as easy as this for PC/MAC use but not on an iPhone/iPad (screen size limiting)

    Truly awesome!


  133. One of my favorite camera apps for sure! Love the HDR effect!

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