Are you gonna buy a v2 3G GPS iPhone?

Jun 9 2008

Goodness Gracious Great balls of Fire!

The new iPhone hit with a huge KAPOWWW today. The coolest thing is that they are finalllly releasing it in Canada! (& Australia =0)

Just wanted to know what you think about the new iPhone. Are you gonna buy one? If so what feature sold you on buying the iPhone. 8gB or 16gB? White or Black? Oh and are you leaving a carrier to switch over to a new iPhone carrier (Rogers in Canada)?

Aannd if you already have the first iPhone, what are you gonna do with it? Sell it? Throw it in your junk drawer? Make some awesome modern art?

PS. Snow Leopards are super neat animals, but the name itself is a bit of a mouthful to reference all the time. Wonder what teh internets will do with that… S-L3p. sn0pard…

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74 Responses to “Are you gonna buy a v2 3G GPS iPhone?”

  1. I’m wondering if the 3G and GPS warrants another $200. Everything else will be available on my current gen iPhone. No MMS, no front mounted camera, no video, no extended bluetooth capabilities, no upgraded camera.

    Still worth an upgrade even if I still get 3rd party apps, MS Exchange, and MobileMe push services with my current gen iPhone?

    I have till July 11th to decide.

  2. Sleopard?

    I’m hoping the name indicates it’s a relatively minor (and free!) update to OS X.

  3. Meh. I’m with Verizon, so iPhone news isn’t the most exciting thing ever.
    It’s cool that they have the 3G now, but I’m now about to leave Verizon to go with sucky AT&T.
    That, and I don’t have $199 to buy the phone, let alone the money to cancel my current plan, and set up a new one with AT&T.

    I’m mostly upset with the iPod Touch. Everytime they get software upgrades, it goes free to iPhones but costs money for iPod Touch users. I don’t have one, but I think it’s a little unfair. plus, they drop the price of the iPhone, but not the iPod Touch?

    This time, I think Apple failed pretty bad.

  4. I came across this blog entry looking for Rogers rate news…

    I’m all for getting the 16 GB White (assuming it is the better looking option in person), switching from Solo Mobile (Bell). Though I will have to find a new owner for my current iPod touch.

    FYI, it looks like the Fido brand is going to be selling it too.

    As for Snow Leopard, it seems like an appropriate name if 10.6 is going to be mostly about stability and not about new features. This will help customers know it is a more minor update, and my guess it will be a lower cost (or even free?).

  5. And I just recently got a Blackberry… When that contract is up, though, it’s iPhone time.

  6. I’m sold on an iPhone 3G in white, well it’s in keeping with the upcoming Snow Leopard!

  7. Chuh! Of course! White one for me.

  8. I heard that the $199 8 GB option is based on a 2yr Contract which sucks. I am not ever resigning with a cellphone provider to get myself locked into a contract again.

    I’d buy the 8GB based on the non-contract price. Though I am sure it will be like $499 without a contract or something. If someone gave me one I wouldn’t complain and I would blog daily about it too! Tyler’s Daily Adventures with his iPhone! Wouldn’t that be exciting?

  9. Am I buying the 3G iPhone? Hell I’ll even camp out for it! Canada missed out the first time around so I can’t wait another second.

    16GB white. ohhh.. white. so sweet. like sugar clouds.

    I’m with fido and they are carrying the iPhone. woot. (Rogers owns Fido anyway tho.)

    Don’t have an iPhone 1.0, but I think I’ll keep my touch for more dangerous activities like sky diving and running from leopards. I’d hate to risk my new baby!

  10. I’m with Ryan. I was disappointed with some of the stuff that WASN’T there more than I was wowed with what was there. And I’ve kinda gotten used to EDGE speeds now… I may brave it out with my iPhone Original for a while longer after new ones launch to see if the software updates keep coming.

    Here’s some of my disappointments with the announcements:

  11. Yes indeed I am gonna buy one…

    The worst part is that I’ll have to wait until 17th July because I’m French

    By the way I have just bought a Macbook pro and I was wondering : What will gadgets will you buy for your Macbook ?

  12. I think Apple have got the wrong end of the stick. I think the 56% of those who wanted an iPhone but were put off by the price were making reference to the price of the contract. It’s certainly the case for me. I could just about justify the price of the first unit, but a minimal contract of £35 a month for 18 months is INSANE! I wouldn’t spend anything more than £15 a month.

    The prices for iPhone 3G in the UK haven’t been announced, but I’m betting we won’t see a reduction in the contract cost. In which case, the iPhone 3G is just as out of reach as its predecessor.

    Even if the iPhone was free, I still wouldn’t be able to sign up for 18 months. Until the iPhone goes sim-free or PAYG, I’m out, regardless of the features the unit boasts. It pains me to say it, but it’s true.

  13. I have an unlocked iPhone using it with T-Mobile. I’d be tempted to buy the new one if and only if it is easily unlocked. There’s no way I’m signing up for AT&T, even with 3G speeds.

    And I second the notion at Snow Leopard had better be free.

  14. Definitely upgrading to the iPhone once it’s released with Rogers.

  15. I’m already a year into a 3 year Rogers plan, and upgrading to and iPhone would cost me a fortune. I’ll probably end up buying one anyways.

  16. I was highly considering leaving Verizon for v2 but I only got 2 of the 3 hardware updates that I wanted. 3G check, GPS check, 32 gig Fail.

    I think I will hold out for a few months and see if a 32 gig is coming.

    After that I will have no hesitation because most other updates should just be in the firmware.

    I also really liked that red fake that was floating around. Maybe they will add more colors later.

  17. Great news, Canadian as well. I got a black macbook so probably a black one for me.

  18. I’ll upgrade if Fido offers unlimited 3G data plans.

  19. When the 32GB version comes out, then my wife will get my current iPhone. Well, that is unless someone gives me a compelling reason to stick with 16GB.

  20. Q: Just wanted to know what you think about the new iPhone.

    A: It rocks!!! All the new features are very welcome. Mainly the GPS (i have severe orientation problems… basically i get lost just about every where i go)

    Q: Are you gonna buy one?

    A: Yep, as soon as it hits the market.

    Q: If so what feature sold you on buying the iPhone.

    A: None in particular, generally… the fact that it’s available in my country!! hehehe :)

    Q: 8gB or 16gB?

    A: For that price diference… 16Gb, although 8Gb would suffice to my needs… the phone i currently use has 2Gb internal memory, and it still has 20% free after 3 years using it… Ok, i don’t have any music in my current phone, and i will probably sync the iphone with my 6Gb+ itunes music library… but that’s not a requirement.

    Q: White or Black?

    A: Black (would prefer silver, to match with my macbook pro…)

    Q: Oh and are you leaving a carrier to switch over to a new iPhone carrier (Rogers in Canada)?

    A: Nope, Optimus (local carrier, part of the Orange group) is one of the carriers selling the iphone in here. Since i’l already they’re customer, i’m gonna stay with the same carrier.

  21. No doubt. Only question is white or black (my other traveling companion is a MacBook Pro, so no color coordination issues to guide me). And I’ll keep my first-gen unlocked-and-jailbroken iPhone as a second video player for those long overseas flights.


    All I want is a 3G iPhone and a Geocaching application that takes advantage of the GPS capabilities.

    Now the trick is to convince my wife I need it…

  23. I’m with Mark. The hard part is going to be convincing my wife. Too bad she’s not a geek or it’d be a done deal.

  24. Yes I am!

    Just got to find out if I need to sign up for Telia or if I can get the phone home and jailbreak it… I’m half way through a two year plan with Tele2…

    16GB of course. My iPod is getting old. Probably black, but I’m not sure until I’ve seen them IRL.

  25. In a word, no.

    I’ve said from the start that the iPhone is a diabolical rip off. More specifically the total cost of ownership (The talk plans they are available on)is verging on insanity. This 3G model is only marginally better than the previous version in terms of specs. Come on Apple… a 2 megapixel camera with no flash? My phone 2 years ago had that… oh wait, it even had a flash.

    If one day, the desire for a sexy multi-touch, wi-fi enabled device gets too strong, I’ll buy an iPod Touch for £250 and I’m done… not buy the thing for £265 and then be tied into at least a £35/month contract for at least 18 months on top! and for what? A pretty standard featured mobile phone with a piss poor camera? No thanks.

    Is this the fault of apple? well, only partly. They charge networks a lot for the device but most blame falls on these service providers who see a sexy desireable phone and know they can get away with charging an arm and a leg for the pleasure of having the thing in our pocket… because with the exception of the phone and piss poor camera… it’s only an iPod Touch… and that should retail for no more than £300. Add in what the network charges and it costs you a minimum of £895 over 18 months.

    Well, thats what I think anyway.


  26. As soon as a non-AT&T company offers it, yes.

  27. £265?!? $199 US is more on the side of £100 then £265….

  28. I couldn’t care less about the release of the new Iphone! I’m happy with my Nokia that lets me… you know, call people.

  29. @ Joao

    Yes, that’s right. But here in the UK it costs £265. I couldn’t care less what it costs in the US as I don’t live there so it doesn’t apply to me.

  30. Depend what Orange (french provider) offers me to upgrade from my V1 ;)

  31. @Dan Jobs said it would be the $199.00 or equivalent all over the world

  32. Surely I wil buy the new iPhone.
    I’m from Mexico and I are user the same provider as iPhone provider. =)
    I’m marking July 11th in my calendar.

  33. Weeee… how exciting! iPhone in Australia! Of course I want one, but my phone isn’t particularly old and I still really like it. It’s awful for internet though. My iPod nano is newish too. My husband will probably get one (he’s never had a mobile phone!!!).

    We don’t seem to have the complicated plans and contracts you guys have, definitely no three year ones. We have two year ones but I’ve been out of contract for ages. I guess we’ll see what happens (what deals etc) when they actually come out tomorrow.

  34. @ Dan: Today Steve Jobs had actually stated that the iPhone would cost no more than $199 US, worldwide. I’m pretty sure that’s what Joao was eluding to.

    I totally want one… the white with 16 GB… but I’m not sure if I can bring myself to get it through Rogers. I’m with Telus right now besides, I only have one friend who has never had problem with them and she knows that she’s the exception. Everyone else hates(ed) Rogers. So, I just don’t know…

    I may look into getting it but not even get a voice plan with it… depending, of course, on how much functionality relies on it. I don’t want a data plan in Canada. Just checked Rogers’ pricing and, aside form the fact that you need to be a scientist to decipher their “great deals”, they’re just too expensive. And cryptically so:

    Unlimited On-Device Mobile Browsing Plan*
    Monthly Service Fee = $7
    Includes: Unlimited access to mobile social communities like Facebook, Flickr, MySpace™ Mobile, news, sports, weather, entertainment and more! HOWEVER, *rates apply to ineligible data usage with the Unlimited On-Device Mobile Browsing Plan only. Rates that accumulate at a rate like this:

    Up to 5MB = $15/MB (yup, that’s $75 additional dollars)
    5MB > 10MB = $10/MB ($100)
    10MB > 20MB = $5/MB ($100)
    more than 20MB = $0.50/MB thereafter ($100+)

    For more info, feel free to get confused by their official literature at Oh right… GPS is considered an extra service which they will totally charge you for.

    I too really wish it came with video capture ability and video conferencing capability. I was really looking forward to that.

    I think that I’m more excited that it’s finally available in Canada!

  35. It really depends on how much Rogers is going to gouge us for! I’m already on their crappy Fido network, so I won’t have to switch.

    So if they offer a decent voice and data rate, I’m definitely getting it.

    16gb version, preferably black.

    Hey Lisa, what are you going to do with your old iPhone? ;)

  36. I hate AT&T so Im not gonna buy it

  37. iPhone 2? Hell yeah if I can just get hold of a handset… Having said that, we always get dicked around with prices in the UK. $199 will probably turn into £150. Electronics manufacturers just love arbitrarily jacking up the price for the exact same product.

    Snow-S X?

  38. Meh.

    I’ll probably buy wifey one because it’s the tube she uses when at work, and the 3G will definitely give her the speedies. I use the low-jack version of GPS on Google Maps on mine and it works so-so. I’m sure that once I see the GPS candy I’ll want a 2.0 iPhone, but for now 1.0 is good enough.

  39. Oops, I meant a month and a day.

  40. Hmm… I’m picky. Perhaps too picky.

    Outlook/Exchange synchronization is a definite bonus for me because that’s what I currently use. I need category synhronization, so if it doesn’t do that I’ll likely avoid it like the plague. For a few weeks, anyways. I can always swap sims between my Treo 750 (which syncs Outlook/Exchange data perfectly) and an iPhone.

    A-GPS is a bonus. I may get it for this reason alone.

    The 2.0MP camera is much better than what’s on my Treo, and the iPhone is considerably more pocketable than a PowerShot G9.

    The two companies that I use 3rd-party applications from on my current phone have promised versions for the iPhone, so transitioning should be easy. As long as the Outlook/Exchange sync does categories!

    Ultimately, I’ll likely shell out the $10 for the upgrade on my iPod Touch and decide shortly thereafter whether it’s worth it.

    Decisions, decisions…

  41. I’m just going to wait till december or next jan – they will come up with another more stable upgrade and with more GB’s… and I’m sure by then rogers will have an unlimited data plan.

    My blackberry has all the features this new ipod has – maybe not the touch aspect – but it’s good enough for me :)

  42. The UK prices have just been released. FREE with selected plans. £99 with lower priced monthly plans. New lower £30/month plan. And soon to be available pay as you go. Hmmm, might change my mind.

  43. Well.. If that’s really the case then I am more tempted than I was before. Still not fully convinced though. Free with selected price plans means £50 a month for sure so I’d be still paying £100 for it… I’ve never paid a penny for a contract handset. The way I see it, the networks charge enough for their poxy service to afford to be able to give people the phones to do it with.

    Is it still exclusice to O2? Worst… idea… ever! I used to be on O2 but when I realised that I had no network coverage at Home, work or in my local pub (The three places I spend the most time) I jumped ship and swore not to go back.

    Come on Orange! Fight for the iPhone in the UK!!

  44. Well,i’m happy to say that i’m number 8 in Portugal on the list to get a iphone on July 11th :) Just made a 50€ ($78 US, £40, $80 Canadian) payment to be put on the pre-order list with Optimus Portugal (Orange group) and got they’re confirmation :)

    The final price is not out at the moment, but it should be around 99€ (£78, $154 US, $158 Canadian). At least that’s the price that is on the German T-Mobile web site for the 8Gb 3G version.

    In here we will get 2 main categories, monthly plans and pre-payed plans (or pay as you go plan). The hardware will be the same price on every plan, the difference is in the service (data that you can up/download without extra payment, price on the voice calls, price on the SMS and MMS service, etc…)

    At best, we will get a 1 year fixed contract, the Portuguese law does not allow for more time on a fixed contract.

  45. @Joao

    What!!? That’s so good. I wish UK law said that the maximum term on a fixed contract was 1 year! Some service providers have started doing 24 month contracts here now! ghey!

  46. @steelie

    You can actually use the iphone 1G or 3G for video recording…


    The near finished Drunknbass apps allows the iPhone to record video up to 45 frames per second (your standard-def TV set handles 30 fps). A beta was just released, which allows the user to test the application for 5 seconds at 10 fps rate, and as the video to the right shows it does a very good job. It is not known if the finished version will allow 1280 x 720 recording. Of course, iPhone’s camera has a cheap, low quality lens, doesn’t have a zoom lens system or any convenient features like image stabilization, so overall quality still will won’t compete with a real camcorder. But for that quick shot to email to friends the MPEG-4 compressed images offered by the iPhone will do quite well.

    End Quote

    Just google for ” Drunknbass apps ” and you will find the application, since it’s a beta it’s still free, the final release will probably be around $20 to $40 US.

  47. @Joao: Thanks! I’ll be sure to check that out! I really like the idea of the iPhone being a little blogging companion and was hoping it would have video capabilities for unexpected footage on the go. Great for sending spontaneous footage of the kids to the relatives too.

    @Joao & @Dan: 36 month plans are not uncommon in Canada… We still have to wait to see what the pricing is going to be. Rogers still has a “Something big is coming July 11” teaser up on their homepage, whereas Apple Canada has already announced in on their homepage.

  48. I already have a 8gig iphone. I really like the silver back and mirrored apple logo. If the new backs are the same shiny surface as the 1st gen nano then they will get scratched up too easily. A case makes the iphone slightly bulkier and less pocket friendly. Ill stick with the original iphone for now, as ive got it unlocked and use it on multiple carriers depending on where I am in the world.

    I will be in the US in 2 weeks and will take a look at that time. If seeing and holding one moves me, i may pick one up. But at this moment, im disappointed i didnt buy a 16 gig of the original.

  49. I’m sure Apple will be sending some 3G iPhones to the Dot Com Pho crew. :)

  50. I’ll wait and see how much Rogers charge on the data rate first before I decide whether to get an iPhone or not.

    Although for $199 you get a phone and an iPod. Pretty good deal it seems.

  51. I´ll wait for the “iphone nano”, i think the normal iphone its a little bit big for carry every where…

    not date of release, but the iphone dont full my expectatives yet…

  52. Oh man, I would so drop Verizon like a bad habit if I could. Just 14 more months….

    I’m hoping they’ll have at least a 30gb iPhone by then.

    Brad Ruggles //

  53. Yes. Gonna buy me some sweet and sexy 16GB Blackness once it’s available. And I’ll resell my old 1st gen to semi-subsidize it. ;)

  54. I *might* buy the iPhone – but Rogers is offering a total ripoff!

  55. Im going to try to get my hands on one. Probably going to go with the 16gb white one unless I see the black one in person and change my mind. I have a black ipod now and all I ever see is my grimy handprints all over it.

    Which one are you getting?

  56. Yes :-) and now, iPhone comes into Switzerland….. finally

  57. 36 month contracts!?! HAHAHAHA!!! As if the phone would even last that long under normal use!

  58. I’ll probably buy it if the data package is decent, though we all know how likely that is with Rogers running the show. I have the older one, hacked of course, and other than the 3G speed and the GPS, revirginizing it for 2.0 would make it almost the same phone. Still, at $299 for the 16 gigger, I might just pick it up anyway and give my girlfriend the old phone.

  59. 3G iPhone = Want. I have a BlackJack II and I’m not too crazy about it. However, I’m hearing all kinds of ramblings about the price of the data plans being increased. Supposedly, this will more than unbalance the super sweet $199 price. *sigh*

  60. Dan: why wouldn’t it? No indications at all that the phones aren’t typically that durable, in fact, there’s tons of evidence that the iPhone is far more durable than most other phones.

    Dave: unlimited 3G Data plans are an additional $10 / month; it would be unfair otherwise to 1st gen (EDGE-only) iPhone owners.

    And yes, that offsets the price drop over the course of the 24-month contract, but I suspect that the amount of usage and satisfaction you’ll get out of it is going to be worth it. :-)

  61. I’m buying two: one for odd days and one for even days.

    all hail la telefono jesus!

  62. @Dan: Told ya. ;^)

    From the Rogers website:
    Starting July 11, iPhone 3G will sell for $199 for the 8Gb model and $299 for the 16Gb
    model, on a three-year plan. More details on price plans and retail availability will be available soon.

    (The June 9, 2008 article at

  63. I am definitely getting one. I sold mine exactly three weeks ago hoping they would be released on the 9th, you can read about it on my website and what I did to survive those three weeks. Now it’s a whole month to go without an iPhone!! I can’t decide if I like white or black or 8GB or 16GB. I don’t need space for music, I have my 160GB iPod for that but what about the app store and how big will those apps be?! apparently they are guessing around 10 MB? If it’s smaller you can buy them over the cell network, it not you have to over Wifi. Only time will tell if I should get 8GB or 16GB. But I think I will get black

  64. @Faruk Because I don’t treat my phone like a 3000 year old ming vase. I keep it in my pocket and sometimes theres other things in there. I drop it from time to time, I throw it on the table when I get home, I use it in the rain. If it could stand a whole 3 years of that, then bravo apple, but no phone I’ve ever owned thusfar has been able to.

    It’s not that i’m not careful, I don’t go out of my way to do any of these things nor do I do any of them to excess. I just consider these circumstances to be part of actually getting on with using your phone and not keeping it in a dust cover and carrying it around on a velvet cushion.

  65. Oh, and I forgot to add, even if the physical hardware lasted that long, how out-of-date will your shiny iPhone be in THREE YEARS!? If I still had my phone from three years ago it would be a laughing stock!

    Even if they gave me the damn thing for free and on a £20 a month tariff I wouldn’t take it just for the fact that after one year the thing would be out of date, after two it would be massively out of date and after three years, assuming you’ve not broken it, it would be practically a museum piece.

  66. I’m getting the 16gb white the day it comes out in France or in the UK unlocked of course

  67. OK.. been looking into the proposed O2 UK price plans and I’m actually starting to come around….

    *prepares to take flak for pretty much doing a 180*


  68. @Dan,
    I don’t treat my iPhone with particular grace or care either — it’s often in my pocket with other (metal) things, I’ve dropped it a bunch of times, and so forth. 9~ months in of that and it’s still great, sure the back isn’t as shiny and unblemished (at all) anymore but the front side (which matters most) is as good as new. I honestly think that the hardware could last another 25 months of this without becoming totally bust.

    However, agreed that in two years the first model will be much less appealing (but still way more appealing than your average feature phone, even by then!) as there’ll be newer iPhone models at that point. Still, I know people who used their first– or second-gen iPods for many many years, despite the newer models being out. I don’t think it’ll be that much different with the iPhone.

  69. I really want the new iPhone but don’t think that I will get it. I don’t have 3G in my area and am perfectly happy with my current iphone. Although the black one is soooo nice.

  70. I’m buying a new one! Not sure what color, but it’ll be 8 GB I think and my husband is giving me $100 toward the new one so that he can have my old one. :) w00t!

  71. I’m leaning more and more towards it every day.


    Unless they seriously rethink their plan pricing and contract requirements. Which, as we all know by now, will NOT happen. Because they’re Rogers.

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