8 Macro Flower Photos to Inspire you

Jul 25 2012

yellow flower

Apologies for my lack of posting for the past few months! During my Around the World with an iPhone trip, I diverted my attentions to my travel blog and posting photos on Facebook. Anyway, after much delay, I thought I would give some love back to this blog. Here are some bokeh beautiful macros to inspire you to get out and take some shots.

Pink Rose



Rose Abstract

*and everything was still*

*Every time you go...*

*a rose by any other name would smell as sweet*

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5 Responses to “8 Macro Flower Photos to Inspire you”

  1. I was almost giving up on checking out your blog for new posts when you came with this hahaha
    Glad you’re back!

    By the way, those are amazing shots!

  2. Welcome Back ..

    Shots 1, 3, 6 and 8 are amazing more !!

  3. What sort of lens do you use for these close ups because they are amazing where as my attempts tend to come out blurred any tips would be welcomed

  4. Nice to see, your blog isn’t dead. And the photos are really beautiful and very inspiring.

  5. Hey Lisa,

    Can you mention Lens and specs details as well.

    As usual amazing shots!


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