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Video Tour of Leo Laporte’s TWiT Cottage

Jul 25 2010

When I was in SF for WWDC in June, I made the trek up to the TWiT Cottage in Petaluma to film an episode of MacBreak Weekly entitled “Harry Potter”. I always find the cottage such a cool place, so I thought I’d make a brief behind-the-scenes tour to share with you.

Special appearances by Leo Laporte, Andy Ihnatko, a camera shy Don McAllister, Alex Lindsay, Sarah Lane, Tom Merrit, super-edit Tony.

Thanks to Andy Inhatko for jumping in as camera man. :)

Corporate Fun times at the Coca-Cola Pavilion

Feb 26 2010

Music credit: “How You Like Me Know” The Heavy.

Coca-Cola is Corporate Olympic Sponsorship at its very best. Free Coke, free interactive games, free picture of you with the Olympic torch and the shiniest, happiest PR people ever. Although, come to think about it they did seem a bit disgruntled when I asked if I could get Pepsi instead.

My 5DMKII Video Set-up

Feb 23 2010

5dMKII video set up

A lot of people are asking me what I am using to record my most recent videos covering the Olympics, so I thought I’d share my set-up with you.

It’s nothing super fancy, except for the 5DMKII :) For lenses I’ve been primarily using the 35mm because it’s the widest lens I’ve got. Plus, my 50mm f/1.4 had a small accident and is currently in the Canon’s hospital for sick camera lenses. I rented the 16-35mm f/2.8 this weekend and absolutely fell in love with it shooting the crowd scenes in the Ignite your Dream video.

I’ve experimented with longer lenses, my 85mm f/1.8 used in the stadium during the victory ceremony video and the 70-200mm IS f/2.8, but found it impossible to keep steady while shooting hand-held and possibly clapping or screaming which seems to be a requirement during the games. Also, tripods and huge swarms of people don’t seem to mix well. I tried it once during the games and nearly punctured someone’s liver.

I’m using the RØDE VideoMic (Directional Video Condenser Microphone) for sound which has worked out alright. It’s obviously not ideal to shoot in noisy crowds like this video I shot in a crowd of enthusiastic hockey fans. But it’s a great, low priced mic that I’ve used in many video projects. You can tell the difference in using the VidMic compared to the on-camera mic at the end of this video.

For extra lighting in night scenes or in door shooting, I’m using a Litepanels Micro LED light. This small LED light panel runs on 4 AA batteries and has an integrated dimmer dial that allows you to control your lighting output. You can also put coloured gels in the flip-down filter holder to correct any white balancing issues.
The mic and the litepanel are connected to my camera’s hotshoe using the Cool-Lux MD300 light and sound bracket.

This is my first time shooting with the 5DMKII and it has absolutely blown my mind how crisp and vibrant the footage looks even at ISO6400. Well, that is when it’s in focus! It is definitely a challenge to grab focus in night time shoots, but I’m slowly getting the hang of it.

Any questions or comments?

Canada Wins Gold & Alberta Day!

Feb 23 2010

2010 BC Day Celebrations

Feb 15 2010

Agoraphobia and the Olympics don’t mix well. *hides under blanket for a few days. holds Macbook Air tightly*

How will the 2010 Olympics change my city?

Feb 10 2010

Shot on the Flip Ultra HD.

I live right in the heart of downtown Vancouver. And like many Vancouverites, I feel a responsibility to make the 2010 Olympics a great success. I want visitors fall in love with my city and enjoy all the sights and experiences Vancouver has to offer.

I feel happy when I see crowds of smiling faces milling around the Olympic Countdown clock in Robson Square, snapping photos and “ohhing” and “ahhing” at the bright, snow-capped mountains and tall, glass buildings that frame our picturesque downtown.

For the most part, I’ve embraced the many permanent changes I see appearing all over our city. Every so often, I’ll see something that will make me grumble about the games, like the huge, garish McDonald’s mural painted on the Hamilton entrance of the Vancouver Public Library,

Yes, we are welcoming the world to our city, but I can’t help but wonder what Olympic mementos, good or bad, the city will be left with when the 2010 party bus leaves town.

Will the Olympics change a city for the good or bad? Thoughts?

Voices: A Fun Voice Morphing app for your iPhone

Nov 19 2009

Download Voices for your iPhone.

If you think this is weird, you should see the outtakes! Oh boy. I’ll post the behind the scenes video once I recover from this all-nighter. ZzZ.

I had a lot of fun making this video and playing with the Voices app. There is nothing funnier than sounding like a drunk robot or a possessed chipmunk. Especially at 3am after being up for 30 hours and engulfing massive amounts of helium.

Lisa Voices
The lights were so smoking hot they popped a few balloons including the one that surprised me in the video!

Lisa Voices2
Best $29 I ever spent. How can you not love a raccoon hat?

For more info & fun, go and checkout all the voices sound bites I made on the Taptaptap blog. The Voices app is only 99¢ and worth every penny.

PS. Chipmunk costumes are unbelievably hard to find. Hot business opportunity, any takers?

My first Bungy jump

Sep 18 2009

All summer long I’ve been conquering my biggest fears and crossing off items on my “bucket list”. Apart from sky diving, nothing scares me more than bungy jumping. Let’s be honest, the concept of bungy jumping is freaking nuts. And freaking nuts I was to even consider jumping head first off of a 150ft bridge into a canyon with a rubber band tied around my ankles.

I would’ve never even dreamt of conquering this huge fear on a random whim, but my Dad dared me. He not only dared me, but taunted me for days shouting, “bun-gy, bun-gy, bun-gy!” He wouldn’t let up, and eventually my stubborn pride made me do it.
You must understand that my dad and I have a long and sorted history of one-upmanship.

This father vs daughter competition started early in life. When I was 5, he flagrantly beat me at board games. Monopoly was the worst, especially when he would buy all the lots and send me to jail just for fun. This unsportsmanlike game continued through out the “Tetris years.” I would spend every evening after school trying to beat my dad’s last score. When I finally did, I would go to bed. That’s when my Dad would sneak in and stay up until 3am beating my score.

On and on this stubborn competition went, until one day on a mini golf course I got so fuming mad at my Dad’s teasing, I threw my putter at a windmill. Not only did I lose, but I was banned from Putt ‘n Bounce for life.

So now you understand why I couldn’t back down from bungy jumping, especially when my Dad surprised me one afternoon, by taking me straight to the bungy jump at Nanaimo’s WildPlay.

Now, I figured that since my summer of extreme activities white water rafting with Hyak and zip lining in Whistler with Wildplay, I’ve bascially got my fears in check. How scary could a little bungy jump be?

I was peppy and filled with confidence as I strutted up the bungy bridge that stretched across a river canyon.

“This is easy peasy,” I thought to myself. “No sweat”. Then, I caught a glance of the girl who was in front of me, pale as a sheet, and uncontrollably weeping to be taken off the platform after standing up there for 45 mins.

“Ok, maybe a little scarier than I thought”.

My hands started to shake and clam up and I caught a severe case of Jello legs. The terror hit me when they bound my legs in cuffs and attached me to the elastic cord. There was no turning back. I hopped out onto the edge of the platform and experienced a sweeping rush of vertigo.

People were yelling, the guides were wishing me luck, and my Dad couldn’t stop laughing. I took a deep breath, but the feeling of self preservation was so great I could not budge an inch. My feet felt like they were cemented onto the platform and my stomach was up in my throat. I was going to have to overwrite my with my with my .

I took one deep breath and jumped off. I was angled more chest first than head first. My arms were flailing and I screamed like a possessed demon. The free-falling was insane, like nothing I’ve ever felt. As soon as I hit the water and whipped back up, I really felt like I was going to die, which oddly enough made me giggle and scream at the same time. I continued to bounce, spin and swing under the bridge until I literally ran out of screams.

I honestly can’t believe I did it. Neither can my Dad. For the first time in a long time, he has no comeback. I think I finally one-upped him.

Would you ever Bungy Jump?

Photographic Stop motion experiment: Bokehlicious

May 5 2009

I’m always looking for new ways to create cool things with my photography. Last week I saw a couple of really sweet photographic stop motion video of NYC by Cdow and an experimental series of Japan by Dave Lee.

I thought it would be cool to try an experimental photographic stop motion video of Vancouver at dusk highlighting moving bokeh. So I took a late night drive from China town to Kitsilano and snapped a ton of photos using my Canon Xti with the LensBaby composer & heart-shaped aperture disk. I compiled 300 images at 10fps in Adobe After Effects and then edited it with FCP.

I was a bit disappointed with the compression once I’d uploaded it on Vimeo, but it still looks pretty cool.

Mostly XBOXing

Mar 15 2009

I interview Glenn Purkis, product manager of XBOX live & try out some family friendly XBOX 360 games at the Best March Break Ever XBOX 360 event and make a complete fool out of myself as per usual.