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    The Perfect Accomplishment

    Running your first marathon. Finishing your undergraduate degree. Saving an endangered species from extinction. All these things are considered an accomplishment. But let’s be honest, these accomplishments leave you feeling completely…

  • littlelisaclown
    Life Photography

    Early Halloween Memories

    Mostly Lisa, Age 7. Ahh, I remember it fondly… the year I got orange and black Halloween gum stuck in my long long hair at school. I was sent to the…

  • Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 7.46.55 PM
    Geeky Stuff Life

    Things that are neat about me

      If you haven’t read my about page, you should be ashamed of yourself! Think of all the Mostly Lisa you have been missing out on. So I’m putting it here……

  • lisabettany

    My Internet Reflection

    i think i’m at a point of no return with this whole two point oh social networking scene. i’m fairly certain that if i had to communicate to a person.. in…

  • Life Photography

    British Things

    Quaint Streets Royal Mail Marmite Crisps!!! (seriously, what’s with you and the marmite crisps?!?) Pub, Telephone box & Litter bin on Quaint Street Corner. Multiculturalism. Colonialism. Hanging Carpets. The Lute. Sheep.…

  • Geeky Stuff Life

    Reading makes you smart.

    That’s why I’m currently dusting off some of my favourite books for some “smart” reading this summer. I’ve already put up a sticky on my desktop to remind me that I’m…