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Apple Hype: Good or Beyond Bad?

Jul 24 2008

Apple Hype Monster

You must know by now, that I am a wee bit of an Apple fan girl. Obviously. It’s tough to question my loyalty to Apple. Well except the fact that I still have that late 90s Compac desktop sitting in my living room. I just can’t get rid of him, he’s like my personal WALL•E.

Nevertheless, my loyalty for Apple is unquestioned. I may not be die hard enough to say, camp out for days in front of an Apple store to pick up the first released iProduct, but I’ll properly follow the guys that are and feel a quiet self-reflective disappointment that I’m too lazy or apathetic to camp out for days in front of an Apple store. I try to make up for this by posting zany Mac-related videos.

With that being said, I’m going to say something controversial… mostly so be forewarned:

I wish Apple would fix the problems with their current iProducts BEFORE hyping, advertising, then releasing the next gen iProducts.

Especially with computers. Sure Steve, go nuts with the iPods, but your loyal, creative, freelancers and students really need consistent, bug-free machines to work all the time in order to pay rent and hand in artsy school stuff.

I don’t know about how your Macs are running, but mine are far from smooth sailing. Don’t get me started about Leopard. The worst appears to be over, but OSX continues to reek havoc on audio firewire interfaces. It’s not that Mac aren’t lovely and oh so aesthetically perfect I make cooing noises when I stroke the brushed metal, but experiencing regular kernel panics, the spinning pinwheel of death, force quitting, overheating, fan noise, and major battery fail are not memories that are adding to my love of Mr. J’s Empire of hype.

Speaking of hype, ahem, the 3G iPhone, which was just released last week, receiving such massive hype that no one actually ended up getting one. Huh? I don’t get it. Me neither. What is the world coming to when iJustine can’t get a freaking iPhone?!? And already the Apple rumour mills are churning with the pulpy goodness of new sleek and sexy MacBook Touch.

Now as someone who recently got a MacBook Air, is still paying off a Mac Pro, and is still emotionally attached to last year’s MacBook, when I hear about a next generation release or major upgrade to a better, faster, more awesome and streamlined machine than the one I just bought last week, I don’t feel anything related to happy. In fact I feel a little ill, then hysterical, then I get on the line with Apple, and then I wait, and wait, and crrrrrrrrry when my call gets disconnected.

Too much Apple. Too often. Too much exposure and hype and advertising and mainstream blah! Remember when Macs were so underground that you had to fight tooth and nail to get even an once of respect? Like that time you were thrown out of computer camp for refusing to use a PC. Oh you weren’t thrown out of computer camp? That was just me? Ok fine, but It was important for me, at the age of 12, to really lay down the law. Oh and remember when you were the only one with sweet graphics in your 4th grade essay on tornados cuz you had Paint? Yeah, those were the days. Now, anyone from Beyonce to (puke) Spencer from the Hills (don’t ask me how I know that) can use and abuse a MacBook Pro. But, it’s all good right? More money for Apple, more live John Mayer keynote performances, better products for us… Yes? Or more like a n-n-n-No!

What do you think? Has Apple’s mainstream hype and lack of product accessibility (ahem… iPhone) got you feelin’ less than perky? Or are you jacked into your feed reader jumping with glee when your Apple RSS gets all kinds of new, sweet iProducts & Software?

What do you think of Apple hype?

Convince me to use Firefox. I dare you!

Jun 20 2008

Safari is 2 Legit 2 Quit!
(Lijit tee provided by Startup Schwag.)

The mozilla team just smacked one heck of an update with Firefox 3 AKA “The Browser That Has It All” and I haven’t download it. Why? Well, in my own honest opinion, Safari is 2 legit 2 quit!

I love Safari AKA. I’m basically “exclusive” with Safari. It’s been my browser of choice for a long time now, and we’ve developed quite a strong relationship. I like the way Safari looks so apple. It’s clean, efficient and it’s bookmarking skills are quite excellent. Besides the occasional flash plug-in lockout, it’s a lean, mean, sexy browser. And it is, after all, “The World’s Best Browser”. How can you challenge that?

It might be quite a battle convincing me to use Firefox. But I know there are some feisty FF users that won’t let my dare slide! Seriously, are you gonna let me talk trash about your browser? That’s like attacking your motherboard or something.

If you think Firefox is better than Safari tell me why. Oh and let me know what plug-ins you are using and how helpful they are and stuff like that.

the iPhone Stack

Jun 16 2008

iPhone Stack

Introducing Silicon Valley’s favorite party game: the iPhone stack! I dare you to beat this stack of 13 iPhones!

PS. My ultra portable Canadian iPhone was rejected from the stack. It hurt. A lot. *sadness*

Mostly TWiP

Jun 16 2008

Lisa Bettany & Alex Lindsay

I had a blast recording TWiP (This Week in Photography) with Pixel Corps’ Alex Lindsay, Podango’s Scott Bourne, Adobe’s Fred Johnson and photojournalist Steve Simon.

Help Mostly Lisa get through US customs

Jun 10 2008

how do I get all this gear through US Customs?
(I labeled all this delicious gear in flickr)

How do I get all this gear through US Customs? I mean seriously this stuff is my life. I actually don’t own anything beyond what is on this table (and at that, only in monthly payments of $55.50 for several years), so I want to prevent customs officials dirty mitts from violating my sweet gear or confiscating stuff!

Earlier, I tweeted, “do US customs srsly check laptops and ipods for pirated shizz?” I received mixed answers from “naaaaah. it’s all cool” to “be very scared” to “delete all your ripped DVDs, CDs from your laptop and computer.” Yikes!

I am really curious this proposed Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) is currently being put into practice. If anyone has traveled to the US or from the US to Canada, in recent months, with a laptop, iPod, camera, video cam, phone, I’d love to hear what your experience was good or bad.

& thanks for your help. It will seriously decrease my mid-boiling point stress level to know I won’t get strip searched at the airport.

PS. rrrrrrrrrr.

Are you gonna buy a v2 3G GPS iPhone?

Jun 9 2008

Goodness Gracious Great balls of Fire!

The new iPhone hit with a huge KAPOWWW today. The coolest thing is that they are finalllly releasing it in Canada! (& Australia =0)

Just wanted to know what you think about the new iPhone. Are you gonna buy one? If so what feature sold you on buying the iPhone. 8gB or 16gB? White or Black? Oh and are you leaving a carrier to switch over to a new iPhone carrier (Rogers in Canada)?

Aannd if you already have the first iPhone, what are you gonna do with it? Sell it? Throw it in your junk drawer? Make some awesome modern art?

PS. Snow Leopards are super neat animals, but the name itself is a bit of a mouthful to reference all the time. Wonder what teh internets will do with that… S-L3p. sn0pard…

San Francisco and WWDC, here I come!

Jun 9 2008

Mostly Lisa Heading to SF

I’m super excited to be heading to the very heart of Silicon Valley and the twitterverse Wed to go hang with the TWiP and MacBreak crew in San Fransisco and possibly bust out a podcast or two.

If you aren’t already a fan of these podcasts go check out Leo Laporte’s TWiT empire and the sweet sounds of Scott Bourne and Alex Lindsay talking photography with the occasional mentioning of SB’s luxury yauchts on TWiP (This Week in Photography).

I unfortunately won’t be there for Stevie J’s big keynote, but i’m sure one or two people will blog/tweet/lifecast about it and watching it on my MBa will be more awesome than actually being there, cuz I’ll be wearing my Shure SCL4’s in-ears during the keynote, so it will feel like Steve is actually in my head.

Oh what’s that Steve? A new iPhone? 3G? Wow! Still not in Canada? No eh. Guess i’ll just have to snuggle up with my current phone and a huge bottle of maple syrup for a few more months and watch Thundercats :p

PS. Apparently, WWDC and “Steve Jobs Keynote” doesn’t mean much to the less techie sorts of folks. As evident by this conversation I just had with my non-tech savvy friend:

friend: So what are you up to this week?

me: Yeah i’m heading down to San Fran for a big Mac conference thing.

friend: The makeup? Oh wow!

.me: No the computers

friend: Oh you mean like Dell?

me: Yes. Exactly like Dell. *throws disgusted look* iPhone? iPods? Steve Jobs? John Mayer?

friend: Oh yeaaaah. I just got a Zune!

We aren’t all meant to illuminate our minds with knowledge and enlightenment. Some people are just better off being in the dark.

thanks for the l0v3

Jun 7 2008

Thanks for all the comment and email l0v3 and movie/tv/book suggestions. My neck feels less like a giant yarn ball of pulsating fire, and more like a golf ball of subtle flames. In my time away from the internet, I was unfortunate enough to catch “Resident Evil: Extinction” and Mila’s clunky, lack-luster wire stunts and sweet Gaussian-blurred face. Why can’t every zombie movie be like “Shaun of the Dead”.

Then, I learned some sweet breakdancing moves from Jonah Takalua and watched my new favourite show, the Australian mockumentary series, “Summer Heights High”. It’s kinda like if Christopher Guest, Ricky Gervais, Mitchell and Webb and “a dingo ate my baby” met, went to a bottlo, and threw so many shrimps on the barbie and wrote this. Either that or Chris Lilley is serious comedic genius.

Other than that I’ve got BSG: Razor on board for tonight, along with the Aliens Quadrilogy for back to back slimy, chest-bursting awesomeness and Ridley — Cameron — Fincher — Jeunet! That’s my kind of quadrilogy. Plus, one of these films has my favourite line of dialogue ever. 10 points and a place in my heart for guessing the correct phrase!

In addition, to watching movies I got some totally swedish IKEA furniture and sorta helped put it together.

Not a Lamp

And practiced my juggling techniques, one ball at a time.

one ball juggling skillz

And put my lomo film in the fridge for safe keeping.

lomo film in the fridge yumm


Zoink! Computer over-use injury

Jun 3 2008

i has computer over-use injury

I didn’t listen to the doctor when she said, “stop using your computer for 14 hours a day, take breaks every 15 mins, and find a more ergonomic work space. You are going to severely injure yourself!”

I didn’t listen one bit, and now i have a neck spasm the size of the polar caps before humans polluted the earth and made icebergs melt into the ocean… like way before Leonardo died in the icy waters of doom after the Titanic totally snapped in two.

I guess I seriously need to find some other ways of amusing myself for the next couple of days while I heal. What am I gonna do?? I’m already bored.

What can I do without a computer or internet? Any suggestions? Movie/tv show recommendations are most welcome. I would say “books” but let’s face it, unless it says, “Harry Potter” or “XYZ gear manual” on the cover, I won’t read it.

Uhh I shouldn’t even be typing this. cramp. ouch. Stop! Step away from the MB air. Away! Expecto Patronum!

A Story about Chichen Itza

May 31 2008

Chichen Itza, Mayan Riviera

I finally got round to flickring my photos of Chichen Itza, the “large pre-Columbian archaeological site built by the Maya civilization located in the northern center of the Yucatán Peninsula, in the Yucatán state, present-day Mexico” says Wikipedia. Now, I’ll look it up in my $150 university art history book to make sure that’s right (the very same one that I took for light reading on my first trip to England to seem “cultured”.)

Oh wow. I’m actually reading a book. It feels weird and unnatural. I can’t scroll. Ack! I have to turn these big heavy pages. Ug. So apparently Chichen Itza means “at the mouth of the well of the Itza”, and has nothing to do with the Leaning Tower of Pisa, but rhymes nicely with pizza. Hmm… there are only 3 paragraphs about Chichen Itza in this 1167 page book! What a jerk! I guess we will just have to rely on the web as our guide to this weird and wacky Mayan world.

The massive and awe-inspiring Mesoamerican pyramid in the middle of the site is called el Castillo or the Temple of Kukulkan.

Temple of Kukulcán (El Castillo), Chichen Itza, Mexico

El Castillo was built by the Maya Civilization somewhere between 11th and 13th century AD when *the Decepticons first came to earth.

Razor beak! ha!

The massive structure is guarded by these crazy man-eating alligators. Well, actually they are supposed to be serpents, but I called them alligators on flickr, then felt sheepish, so I changed the title to “Mean Slytherin Dudes”. PS. I also spelled serpent, ‘serpant’. Sir Pant! So regal.

Mean Slytherin dudes, Chichen Itza

Right after the Decepticons came to earth and built the pyramids, an *alien race of evil cats called “los Gatos Malignos” ruled the Mayan empire with an iron fish! I mean fist!

Evil Cats and Pyramids

According to *archeologists, Mayan youths were quite rambunctious and would let off steam before the “virgin sacrifices” by drawing rude graffiti on the temple walls.

Evil Panther Wall, Temple of the Panthar. RRR.

While visiting this new Wonder of the World, I felt moved to perform a feat of agility.

As a result of performing this feat of agility, I was 8 minutes late for the bus back to the hotel, which angered and greatly annoyed my ever punctual mother. She wouldn’t even speak to me for like half an hour.

My mum, Chichen Itza, Mayan Riviera

To make matters worse, I climbed this pyramid model at the hotel and made Gozilla noises for an embarrassingly long length of time. She was not amused, but I felt that this was an important step in my self-growth as an adult.


If you want more Mostly Lisa fun, check out my video of my Chichen Itza adventure.

*details may have been exaggerated or completely made up for the purposes of sarcasm and/or humour.