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Winter Photography on Two Jack Lake in Banff, Alberta

Behind the scenes doing some bracketed exposures for HDRs and macros during magic hour on a frozen Two Jack Lake in Banff, Alberta.

I usually try to go to a location a few hours before sunset to grab some magic hour shots and scout for the best location to photograph the sunset. Even if I don’t get any magical shots during my scout, I will be way better off later. Instead of scrambling to find a good spot when the sun is going down, I am already set up and be prepared for the task at hand like a good boy scout. I really wish you got badges for adult things like paying your taxes and buying vegetables.

Magic hour is also a good time to try some artistic shots and just play with different aperture and shutter speed settings and to work out any potential gear problems like say, forgetting to put a memory card in your camera. Always a good thing to have.

Ok your turn! Go out and have fun photographing some winterscapes!

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