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Walk a mile in THESE shoes?

Tom (Walk in these shoes) May 1, 2007_5

Yes. In THOSE shoes.

Tom (Walk in these shoes) May 1, 2007_7

Tomorrow (Saturday, May 5th), some very brave and “secure” and perhaps “strong and silent” men, including none other than GiveMeaning’s Tom “Runt” Williams, will be hitting the pavement in some sexy ladies shoes to support the Victoria Women’s Sexual Assault Centre.

The VWSAC “Walk a Mile in Her Shoes” Event will commence at 10:30am at Centennial Square in Victoria, BC. I’m sure the guys are gonna look pretty hot in their sassy pumps, so if you’d like to come down and cheer or just point and laugh and yell a couple “I told you sos”, I’m sure these brave fellas won’t mind a little embarrassment for such a great cause.

I will be in Victoria following Tom Williams in his shiny red Anne Kline sling-backs (oh yes, they are beautiful, nothing but the best for our Tom) so every painful, blister inducing step will be captured on video. Can’t wait to add some sweet techno beats to the audio track. Should be totally fab. Here’s a picture of Redpilot’s Ry filming the shoe shopping action. I think Tom got a little too excited…

Redpilot filming Tom at shoe store

when he took his new shoes for a spin around the store. Whoa Blossom!

Tom (Walk in these shoes) May 1, 2007_6

In order to look stunning for the great walk and raise some funds, Tom has agreed to shave his legs if he raises $1,000 and his glorious beard if he raises $5,000 through his GiveMeaning project called “Beard be Gone”. All money donated will go directly to the VSAC, so if you would like to donate to a worthwhile charity, please go to “GiveMeaning”.

Tom's glorious beard

And between you and me and Tom’s wife, we’d all like to see that beard hit the road jack… and don’t you come back no more, no more, no more, NO MORE.

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