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Virb + twitter = Where it’s at.


it has taken me a few weeks to get cozy with Virb. i just didn’t know if it had the steam to catch on, but after spending a couple months the waste-of-time-lameness that are fb and myspace, hanging out with Virb (cutomizable CSS and all) was a welcomed change for the better. There are many cool things about Virb. One of them being that it’s pretty good friends with uber tech-nerd micro-blog Twitter which is kind of a “must have” if you are at all serious about being an iNerd. And i am. Serious.


Also, I finally got my Redpilot Flickr together and upgraded to PRO. I know. I’m seriously in it to win. Now I just have kick it into high gear and finish my website design for Redpilot. Coming soon. I promise.

Status report: Lisa is hooked up.

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