Promo Shoot with Musician Jesse Tucker

Jul 29 2009

Jesse Tucker, guitarist, singer & songwriter
Canon 5DMKII, 50mm f/1.4 lens, 1/125, f/5.0, ISO 100.

We truly traveled to the most derelict location to get some background character for this promo shoot with guitarist, singer, songwriter, Jesse Tucker. In fact, there was a pair of used ladies’ panties inches away from Tucker in this very picture. Classy.

Jesse Tucker set-up

I shot my 580EX strobe on low power through an umbrella camera left. This gave a nice catch light in the eyes and gave a nice even soft light on the face. For triggers I use the Alien Bees CyberSync 2.4GHz Radio Remote Control systems. They are a third the price as Pocket Wizards and work like a charm. Way way better than the Gadget Infinity triggers I had before!

Lens Baby guitar
Canon Xti, LensBaby Composer lens, 1/500, ISO 100.

One lesson I learnt from this shoot is, when scouting for shoot locations, actually get out of your car and explore the area on foot with your camera. Visualize your subject and lighting set-up and take some reference shots of the angles you plan on using. Make sure you are scouting at the time of day that you plan on shooting so you can get an idea of what the light is doing.

Had I done a throughout sweep of the area, instead of a drive by I might have noticed all the garbage, unpleasant odor emanating from said garbage, and the over-all messiness of the background, I probably would have chosen a different location :-/ Ah well, at least it was magic hour :D

Jesse Tucker
5DMkII, 85mm f/1.8 lens, 1/2500, f/2.5 ISO 100.

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14 Responses to “Promo Shoot with Musician Jesse Tucker”

  1. Do you ever shoot non-magic hour un-backlit? haha…

  2. So 3 out of all basically?

  3. Interesting, but maybe too much detail is lost in the backlight? Can’t really see his face :/

  4. Really useful post, Lisa. It’s always good to hear about the practicalities. On a recent shoot, the day turned out to be way too sunny, and I had to shoot in the shade of some trees. That still didn’t stop the very bright sunlight shining through the trees and creating too many specular highlights. No golden hour for me! (Model could only do the afternoon.)


  5. Do you need any cables to connect those AB triggers to your flash / camera? Since both don’t have a syncport.

  6. Too much light on the hair

  7. What cables did you use to attach those Alien Bees to your flash and camera?

  8. I’ve been looking at getting either the Cactus units or the Cybersync ones. Why are the Cybersync ones way way better?

  9. @Daniel: um no. but whatever. turkey!

  10. @bob: because the Cactus units suck! they misfire all the time which drain your batteries and they rarely fire when you want them too.

    Definitely get the Alien Bees CyberSyncs!

  11. @Bloop: PC cables go from the receiver to your flash. Trigger attaches in your hot shoe. Fires wirelessly.

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