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Tom Williams on CBC’s This Hour

“Mega-successful” Tom Williams, CEO of, just appeared on “This Hour with George Stroumboulopoulos”.

Click to check out his interview here.

(if you’re using a Mac you’ll need to download the Flip4Mac plugin to see the video. i don’t wanna hear anything from PC users on this. the irony is noted. thanks.)

A short blurb by CBC on Tom:

Ten years ago, Tom Williams was living large. He was know as ‘The Kid’ At 14-years-old he was the youngest person ever hired in Silicon Valley – a technological wizard.

He was dating models and living out of a swanky hotels. But one day he left all that behind.

Smart and lucky with the ladies… wow if only he started “an online fundraising site emphasizing creative fundraising ideas and other unique forms of charity donation”… Oh wait, he already did that.

The only thing that could possibly make this even cooler is if I was involved somehow. And, indeed, I am. My company, Redpilot, produces podcasts for

You can find all the GiveMeaning Podcasts here, or click on the thumbnail below to watch the latest GiveMeaning Video.

Redpilot GiveMeaning Podcast Thumbnail

PS. Gotta love that old skool footage of “The Kid”… so awesome.

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