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I just broke my 16-35mm lens. The worst.

Sad panda. I just broke my favourite lens, the 16-35mm because I got distracted and lazy while putting away gear and my camera rolled right out of my SUV’s trunk and onto the concrete. The lens snapped right off the mount when it smashed against the ground. Oh the sick feeling you feel when your beloved camera takes a tumble.

Thankfully, I had the Really Right Stuff L-Plate on my camera body and was unharmed in the fall. This is the second time this bracket has saved my camera body in a fall.

Sending my sad broken lens off to be fixed tomorrow. I’ll let you know what the repair bill is. In the meantime, if you are going to set your camera down anywhere at anytime, make sure it’s secure and safe in your camera bag!!!

UPDATE: Unfortunately Canon has stopped making the part for this lens, so this $1600 lens is now recycling materials. SAD.

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