The dark side of my cupcake obsession

I’ll admit it. I love cupcakes. They are perfect to me. And I cherish every moment we spend together. Our time is brief, but memorable. And I want to create new memories almost everyday. Do I like cupcakes too much? Perhaps.

The facts:

  1. Making and baking cupcakes is labour intensive.
  2. I am “challenged” in the kitchen.
  3. I am also lazy.
  4. I cannot financially justify spending $13.50 on the Cupcakes’ the original cupcakes.
  5. Capers “organic”, environmental, “fair trade” cupcakes are equally expensive.

Recent Solution: Purchasing Mr. Safeway’s quick and dirty cupcakes for $3.99 each week.

The dark side: This week, Safeway jacked the price of their cupcakes from $3.99 to $6.99. And the icing was a suspicious colour of green. As a result, there will be no cupcakes this week.

In the absence of cupcakes, I feel quite melancholy. Almost melancholy enough to write a poem…

Peter Pan,
where’s my fairytale land?
the lollipop trees,
the cotton candy sand?

“have faith,” the peanut retorts
spooning his lies into a chocolate torte
hidden and fused to mocha and cream
bubbling over the crispy coco seam

quick, make a *wish*
blow your candles out
while i scream
you shout

To view cupcakes in happier times click me.


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    Wandering Coyote
    March 25, 2007 at 5:11 PM

    I love the cupcake shop on Denman, but yes, way too expensive. Safeway has probably jacked up the prices because of Easter; they may come down in price afterwards. Keeping a cake mix on hand is never a bad idea.

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