Project Ecuador Update

For an introduction to this empowering and inspiring project, I refer you to my previous Project Ecuador post.

The boys from Project Ecuador have all arrived safely in Chimborazo, Ecuador. They have certainly been busy since arriving, and have kept their spirits high, despite their long, arduous journey and dealing with Altitude-sickness of the Andes. The altitude is approximately 4,795 m where they are staying — that’s a long way up from sea level.

They have already bonded with the local children through soccer (of course) and ipods. Hooray Team Apple! Bringing together the world one tinnie tiny portable media device at a time. The Project Ecuador blog has been updated with details and photos of their adventures in Chimborazo thus far.

For more inspiring tales of Ecuador, take a look at Andrew’s blog, (my very talented Victoria neighbour).

Video Journal 1# just added to blog and youtube. Check out the amazing footage.


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