Photographing the moon with the Canon 70-200mm

My moon shot with a 70-200mm+1.4ex. Even if you don’t have the perfect gear for the job, it’s always worth trying. You learn something every time you attempt to capture a new shot.

I spent my first two years as a budding photographer with a Canon Xti and one lens, the 50mm prime. I shot everything with it. One of the joys of photography is the challenge of shooting new things. I’ve always been interested in astrophotography, but I’m not sinking 10K into a 600mm just for kicks. So, I did the best I could for the gear I had, and to be honest, it’s still pretty cool.


Camera settings: 1/50 at f/18, ISO 100.

Even if you don’t have a teleextender you can still get a good shot by framing in some foreground element like these trees.


Moral of the story: Don’t be limited by your gear and enjoy yourself. Also, the moon is pretty cool.

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