Mystic Beach Cave & SALT Magazine

A view of yesterday’s shoot at Mystic Beach on the Juan de Fuca Trail, Vancouver Island from inside an epic cave. It was an incredible location for landscape and star photography. I grabbed this really cool shot inside the cave as the sun was setting.

I rarely use my 15mm fisheye lens because most of the time, it’s, well, too fishy , but for things like this, it’s the coolest lens in my bag!

lisa mystic beach

Here is my spot inside the cave. I was carefully watching the tide as it was creeping in and I wasn’t wearing waterproof boots. Even with one eye on the tide, I managed to get drenched by the end of the shoot. Note to self: Wear waterproof boots you JERK!

UPDATE: This photo was featured in SALT Magazine :)

Mystic Beach in Salt magazine

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