Mostly Lisa & The Dollar Store Fish

Mar 5 2008

I met a squeaking fish at a Dollar store on West Broadway. He had many tales to tell me. Some were somewhat avant garde. We went on a short journey and I learnt many things.

What did you learn from the dollar store fish?

NB. This is possibly the weirdest video I’ve ever made.

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11 Responses to “Mostly Lisa & The Dollar Store Fish”

  1. I’m glad you think this is the weirdest video you’ve ever made. Otherwise I would have been very worried ;)

    Did you ask him about Tim Burton or Ewan McGregor or was that his cousin?

  2. wierdy wierd. although what would be enternaining is the shops cctv.

    nice site btw

  3. oh… my… god…

  4. Yeah, I agree with you on the whole “weirdest-video-ever” thing. But I have to say, I was still entertained by it.


  5. Interesting…yet I can’t. stop. watching.

  6. I must say that was very creative
    did you purchase the dollar fish?

  7. That video left me confuzzled but I do love the music. I just remembered weed is legal in Canada… now I get it.

  8. This video is the essence of the reasons I get back to this blog… It’s totally weird and “man garvar läppen av sig!” (Sorry, can’t really translate that…)

  9. I loved it! And that’s even without the benefit of enjoying it on some kind of mind altering substance.

  10. […] of 2007 list. And walking the fine line between batshit insane and brilliance that is art. What she does with a rubber fish haunts my dreams. David Lynch’s backwards talking little people have nothing on this. […]

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