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Introducing my new photo app, MagiCam

Link to the iTunes store

We just marked our 4 year anniversary for Camera+ (12 million sold!) by launching a new, simply awesome, camera app called MagiCam. This app was a pure joy to create with the other members of the tap tap tap super team. All the details of the app and a few precious moments involving a hotdog with too much mustard & a goat selfie are in the video above.

MagiCam is our response to users who wanted a simple, clean, one-touch camera app with the power of Camera+, but without all the sliders and buttons. All the complex editing happens background, so that users have a seamless experience from snapping their photos to sharing them. MagiCam isn’t replacing Camera+, in fact we have big things planned for both apps in the future.

As for me, I am enjoying being back in my home town of Victoria, BC, living with my fiancΓ© amongst the trees, ocean, and wildlife that knocks on my door every night for a midnight snack. I’m talking about you, Crumsby the Raccoon!

Special thanks to the awesome Dave Wallace of Innovate Imageworks who filmed and edited this video with lightning speed!

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