Jessie Farrell & Junofest in Saskatoon


Jessie Farrell is off to Junofest in Saskatoon* early tomorrow morning. As in 5am early. As soon as they arrive in Saskatoon, they will be wisked off to Saskatoon’s HOT 93 Radio Station for a performance of two songs and an interview with Jessie.

After the radio set, the band will rush to soundcheck at the Prairieland Park. And then Jessie Farrell and band and play an hour long set opening for huge Country star George Canyon. It is sure to be a great show as the band has been practicing solid since the last tour. They are also planning to unveil some new great songs that I know you are going to love.

Here is more info about Jessie Farrell’s début performance at Junofest:

8pm on Thursday, March 29
SaskTel “Get In Tune” Party at the Park
Prairieland Park
Click here for Ticket info.

Also exciting is the fact that the full band will be joining Jessie Farrell for this show and the next tour including:
Jesse Tucker (guitars/vocals),
Ryland Haggis (Bass/vocals),
Jesse Godin (Drums), and
Kylee Epp (guitar/vocals)

That’s three Jess(i)e’s if you’re counting!

*Update: Read all about the Juno experience from Jessie Farrell Bassist and all round premium dancer, Ryland Haggis. Clicky here to go the one and only Ryspace blog.

*Check out the Newspaper coverage of Jessie Farrell’s performance at the Junos by the Star Phoenix

*Check out Jessie Farrell’s new myspace site. It looks great!

*After only 3 weeks, Jessie Farrell’s single “Let’s Talk About Love” has climbed to 38th on the Canadian Country charts. This week Jessie’s song was added to the most radio stations in Canada of any new song.

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Jessie Farrell Junofest in Saskatoon

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