Getting my iPad 2 at the SXSW Apple Pop-up Store!

Mar 12 2011

It’s been a long time since I’ve been this excited to shoot a one of these videos, but I couldn’t help myself. After covering the iPad 2  launch with Brian Brushwood for TWiT Live for hours and interviewing all the ecstatic new iPad 2 users leaping out of the Apple store, I wanted one to call my very own.

If you missed the live show you can listen or watch TWiT Live Specials 66: iPad 2 Launch here!

Woot! 32GB White Wifi iPad 2.

Brian shows off his new iPad 2

The Apple Pop-up Store in downtown Austin had one of the most enthusiastic crowds I’ve ever seen and perhaps the geekiest with SXSW going on.

Inside the Pop-up Apple Store.

The Pop-up Store location was so secretive, even the Apple employees didn’t know where it was going to be until the day of the event. I honestly can’t believe they put up this store in less than 3 days! It looked exactly like a regular Apple store.

Scott (Camera+ dev too!) and I are just wee bit excited to get our iPads!

Sexy white iPad.

Tomorrow should be another great day, I will be party-hopping with chief TWiT Leo Laporte himself and maybe… just maybe… we’ll see another crazy crowd surfing episode at the Diggnation party :P You can watch us live starting at 9pm CST on TWiT Live.

Awesome TWiT crew minutes after we finished our live coverage!

Leaving with my LOOT!

Scott, Phil & I take an Uber pedicab back to the hotel to set-up our new iPads!

On Sunday, I’ll be on This Week in Tech with some amazing guests. The action starts at 5pm CST! If you are in SXSW come by Momo’s for the Live taping of the show and a meet and greet!

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11 Responses to “Getting my iPad 2 at the SXSW Apple Pop-up Store!”

  1. Your luky Lisa, here in France we have to wait until the end of the months….
    Nice vids !

  2. Nice going! Here in Canada we have to wait until the end of the month, same as France.

  3. I love your content and videos. Great stuff. Keep it coming! TR

  4. Great job. Looks like you had a fun day. You are such a cutie. Sigh!!

  5. :) So jealous. The white iPads are sexy. I can’t justify upgrading, since I’ve only had my iPad since last June. Haha.

  6. Nice vid. What did you use to shoot it (camera and stand/pod)?

  7. Looks nice! Think I’ll pass on this one again though and grab an Air.

  8. I am curious how you shoot this as well. equipment wise – camera, stand. It seemed to be very stable as far as self shoots go.

  9. Lisa, Lisa, I like you much more than the iPad!


  10. That picture with Brian is just the best! Captured the moment so well, isn’t that what the best photography is all about?! :)

  11. Hello Lisa,what photography apps do you have on your ipad? Just curious

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