In a matter of days

Kitsilano fall

Kistilano winter


This is an H1. Whoooooooooa.

This is an H2. wiiiiiiiiiiii.

This is an H3. yeahhhhhhh.

This is an H5. I hope it doesn’t stink.



Apenuts. Apenuts. Apenuts


This is a really great blockquote. sweet dudes. yeah i like it. can you feel it. sweet. that’s so cool . let’s dance and sing and party the night away.

This is a list of cool things:

  1. pigs
  2. stink
  3. elepants
  4. rotten eggs
  5. apebannafishes

This is a list of ears:

  • not fins
  • not noses
  • big or small
  • plant or animals

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    Paul Eilers
    April 20, 2008 at 8:35 AM

    This scenery comparison is so cool!

    I have always liked trees, though I hate raking leaves. But my wife and I chose to buy a house in a neighborhood with plenty of trees.

    We just don’t like those cookie cutter subdivisions…

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