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Gljúfrabúi Waterfall, South Iceland

Shot with a Canon 5DMK2+14mm Rokinnon.

The incredible canyon waterfall Gljúfrabúi in South Iceland.

Most people miss this one because it’s hidden from the road and about 400m from the famous Selandjafoss waterfall and you have to trek through a stream to get to it. Since I always try to go in the opposite direction of tour buses, I was happy to find this spot even though I got absolutely soaked and none of long exposures pictures came out. Sometimes it’s about the experience… Also, you will be proud of me for finally investing in waterproof boots. Worth their weight in GOLD I tell ya!

If you plan on attempting this shot, make sure you bring a shower cap from your hotel to keep your lens dry in between shots. I also had at least 5 microfibre cloths on hand to wipe the water off my lens. You can never have too many in these conditions.

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