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Does Leopard make my butt look big?

Does it? And be honest, well actually just tell me what I wanna hear cuz I’m feeling so insecure today cuz I gained like 9GB. I know. Horrific.

mostly lisa & leopard-1

Translation of my expression “!”

After NOT *sob* receiving my copy of Leopard on Friday and having NO Apple store to buy a copy hot off it’s “World Premier”, I spend the enter weekend absolutely gutted. I tried to find pleasure in other things, the new Transformers DVD… Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups… the momentary sunlight on Saturday… and discovering a new Bjork song that is simply delicious (“Unison” from the album Vespertine)… but nothing could fill the gaping whole in my heart. So you can imagine my giddy delight when a special delivery arrived this afternoon.

mostly lisa & leopard-2

mostly lisa & leopard-3

The install was painless, though took it’s sweet time. Bittersweet time, as I sat and reflected on all the good times I shared with Tiger. After all this is good bye. *tear* You were a friend to me through the good and the bad. I won’t forget you Tiger.

mostly lisa & leopard-4

And then shazzam shazzing the intro launched as I squealed with giddy delight. First thing I did was experiment with the new iChat uber features. Screen Sharing made me the most giddy, until the coding monkey I was screen sharing with thought it was funny to mention that he could destroy my HD in 15 seconds. haha wtf? Get outta my pooter!

FYI. When Screen Sharing the mic is live, as in the other person can hear you. Even creepier. Complete control of your computer and they can hear you giggling on the other end. Oooooooooooo spooky stuff.

mostly lisa & leopard-5

Lastly, doesn’t Leopard make me look smarter? Maybe even smarter than the Specs? What do you think?

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    October 30, 2007 at 5:03 AM

    Bored were we? No…it looks fine.

    I thought Vancouver was getting an Apple store? We have TWO is Glasgow.

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    October 30, 2007 at 6:46 AM

    I bet you couldn’t wait to install windows through boot-camp! Then you can run the apps the rest of the world uses ; ) Great job adding sex appeal to mac though Lisa.

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