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Do they come out at night? The answers are revealed.



I dunno. I suspect that spiders are out and about all the time. But I’m not a spider-specialist as such, so I’ll consult the internet-powers-that-be to find out! Apparently, there are nocturnal spiders… uhh gross… spider pictures are yucky. Sorry you’re on your own for this one. Ick.


hmmm… tricky. Let me check Wikipedia…

“Toad” refers to a number of species of amphibians. A distinction is often made between frogs and toads by their appearance….

Well, that doesn’t help out much. Let’s do a narrower Google search… Here we go! According to

Toads are mostly nocturnal, resting during the day in burrows, in trees, or under leaves.

Aha! Toads do come out at night! Although, Mr. Toad of The Wind and the Willows fame, also goes out during the day. But Mr. Toad is no ordinary toad!

Mr. Toad is very rich and thus able to indulge his impulsive desires, such as punting, house boating and hot air balloons, and his penchant for Harris tweed suits. He is, however, conceited, self-centered and lacking in basic common sense. His reckless interest in motor cars led to an episode in which he stole a motor car and subsequently crashed it. The result was brief spell in prison, from which he was to escape, dressed as a washer woman, to regain his family seat of Toad Hall from the clutches of the weasels.

Washer woman hahaha! I loved that cartoon. Ah the knowledge network, I remember thee fondly.

One last question… I’m starting to lose it here.


Well, nocturnal ones… obviously! There are many nocturnal animals (I am one of them…) and you can find a list at this wonderful site The graphics on this site are so bad, they are almost cool (see below).

Vampire Bat

And as a *bonus* you can get sweet animal picture printouts that you can colour with pencil crayons or like, sniffy markers!!! Awesome. I’m gonna do that right now.

Vampire bat colouring printout

Y mis amigos españoles… ¿Tiene algunas preguntas?

el mapache!

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    June 27, 2007 at 11:05 PM

    I’m in Bangkok right now and everyone’s looking at me because I’ve just finished a rather loud burst of laughter after reading your post Lisa! You’re great. Thank you for a terrific bout of happiness today. It has your name all over it!

    I’m always astounded at the search engine terms that people use to find my blog too. My search terms aren’t nearly as entertaining as yours though.

  • Reply
    Lisa Bettany
    June 29, 2007 at 4:00 AM

    i’m glad you got a good chuckle. i was so giddy when i found that site… oh it was priceless on so many levels… i am still planning on colouring my Vampire bat… it’s gonna be pretty sweet.

    glad you arrived safely!

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    this is exactly what i was looking for! « they mostly come out at night… mostly
    July 16, 2007 at 10:44 PM

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