Canadian Figure Skating Nationals 2008

The Canadian Figure Skating championships were held in Vancouver this week. I managed to get up in time to see the Senior Dance event at 5pm. I know. I’m still on that 7am bedtime routine I seem to be good at. And I am a perfectionist, so everyday I try to perfect my unhealthy sleeping habits. I think I’ll go for gold tonight. 8am! yeah, that’ll win me some high marks from the judges. Oh yes!

As you might know from my bio, I once graced the ice… mainly with my bottom at 6am. People always ask me how I got up at 5am almost every morning for 10 years. That, my friends, can be answered in one beautiful word: Nap.

I’d get home from skating, hop in a nice, hot shower, eat some carbolicious food and some protein shakes, then get right back in bed where all the warm goodness is. I could never sleep for very long, but even 20 minutes was glorious. Then, I’d wake up, strap my rollerblades on and cruise right into class… 20 mins late.

You never learn anything in the first 20 mins anyway. Right? Anyway, it’s a wee bit late to fill that gaping hole of knowledge in my brain. Perhaps I’ll fill it with some useless youtube clips. Yeah, and like some really sweet tweets about Starbucks consumption, or like more buzz about another Apple product I can’t afford.

Here is my figure skating photo diary of the Senior Dance Event at Canadian Nationals.

Skate Canada Nationals 2008-3


Skate Canada Nationals 2008-1

Congrats to the lovely Bethany Puttkemery and Kevin Gallagher, the last remaining old skool CIDA (Canadian Ice Dance Academy) peep left in competitive skating. Props! Those were some serious twizzles.

Skate Canada Nationals 2008-2


Skate Canada Nationals 2008-4

Skate Canada Nationals 2008-2

New Canadian Dance Champions, Virtue and Moir.

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    January 21, 2008 at 3:26 PM

    those are some very nice pictures! Is nice to see positive pictures, the National Post had a picture of the event, sadly it was one of the female skaters that had fallen.
    PS. my next big pruchase (who knows how long that will be) is probably going to be a mac computer… I need a job

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    January 22, 2008 at 6:15 AM

    Yeah, for me getting up at 5 AM means that I’m still awake from the night before. Dude…I DID wake up at 5 AM today, well 5 AM PST — 8 AM EST.

    Cool pictures! I’ll admit, my knowledge of ice skating is basically comprised of the movie The Cutting Edge starring Fake Donna from the Twin Peaks movie (who I also call Fat Donna; she’s not, but she’s fat compared to Real Donna, AKA Lara Flynn Boyle) and that episode of 90210 where Brandon dates the ice skater. The last time I tried to skate I was 16 and ended up falling on a four year old and wound up traumatized. And humiliated. Good times.

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    January 22, 2008 at 6:50 AM

    I myself used to be an Olympic level ice dancer. Jean Pirouette, perhaps you’ve heard about the move named after me? Ballet co-opted it too.

    I quit when the IOC refused to allow me to use my pet schnauzer as a prop in the free skate. Ass clowns.

    Can you tell Mr. Sandhu to call me? I have label contacts…

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    Mostly Lisa
    January 23, 2008 at 12:01 AM

    @ComposeAnalysis — thanks. yes, it seems as though the sport has fallen on hard times. ever since the Nancy Kerrigan “episode”, judging scandals, marking system changes, and the retirement of many of the super star Olympic skaters, people seem to have a negative view of figure skating. it’s too bad, because there is incredible talent in the young skaters that are coming up. and with 2010 just around the corner, it’s a great time to watch future champions perform.

    ps. equal payment plan over 2 years.

    @Christina — you know when The Cutting Edge was playing in theatres i refused to go. i just couldn’t take the ridiculous way the sport was portrayed. that and the “toe pick” joke killllllled me. do you know how many times i heard that in high school. ZOMG!

    and i have that 90210 on VHS. funny enough i had a bit part in a MOV with Jason Priestly a few years ago. it was shocking how short he was. i didn’t ask him about the skating, but he did ask myself and the other girl playing “hot brunette” back to his trailer. needless to say, we got distracted with all the free chocolate bars in craft services and didn’t make it to Priestly’s den of love.

    @RBeezy — man, the IOC sucks. jeez. yeah, was just on the phone to Emanuel and he says he never met you and that if he diiiid that “indiscretion” in the back of a tour bus was strictly a result of drinking waaaaaay too many bacardi and cokes.

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    March 6, 2008 at 5:28 AM

    I have to agree with the other writer.Falling on a child is devastating,especially for them.About a year ago I was flying around the rink backwards when a mother and her child cut across the ice right behind me…I never saw them cut across.I slammed them both….luckily no one got hurt…but the child was terribly shaken up as was her mother and of course I felt terrible…It is hard to skate seriously if anyone else in on the ice…so now I just take it easy unless I am alone….

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