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Book of photos: A Jessie Farrell gig

Boyz on merch

6pm. The Jessie boyz set up … I mean, sit on, the merch table.

watching canucks
(photo credit: Ryland Haggis)

7pm. Canucks.

green room

The greenroom at Richards on Richard IS as glamorous as the say.

jessie blackberry

Jessie in her purple cowboy boots and her new crackberry.

(photo credit: Ryland Haggis)

J-Go is low tech and outta control.

Official press
(photo credit: Ryland Haggis)

Finally, Official Press. Sweet, I get a press pass? A pass that is a sticker. Neat.

I have to stick the sticker on my shirt?
My Jessie Farrell shirt*???
Can’t I get a laminated something?

*Do you have a Jessie Farrell shirt??? Cuz you should get one from the 604 Records store: Girls. And Boys.

(photo credit: Ryland Haggis)


(photo credit: Ryland Haggis)


godin for president

7:59pm. Godin receives last minute instructions from CTU.
He’s so black ops.

ry godin at soundcheck

8:03pm. Check one two… This Bass is Ace.

start of gig

9:20pm. The moment before.



tucker acoustic


jessie ry guitar

Jessie and Ry bring it home.

loading horizontal

1am(ish) Loading out.

loading Richards

1:40am. Loading out! OMG. Is that Adam Woodall?

**Jessie’s single just broke the top 20!

Jessie’s single is now available for download on the iTunes Store.


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  • Reply
    April 25, 2007 at 4:02 AM

    These are super cool photos Lisa.

    Actually I think this is my favorite series of your work. You are a very talented photographer. 8:03pm, 9:20,Rocks, and 1:40am are my favorites. For some reason 1:40am is an image that will linger in my mind. Excellent composition but also great mood. You have captured several dynamic moments.

  • Reply
    Lisa Belovely
    April 25, 2007 at 1:10 PM

    Thank you so much. It means so much to hear that I am improving as a photographer. Especially from someone as talented as you!

    PS I left you a little present on your wall!

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