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Blogger. Blogger? Blogger!

Before WordPress… there was Blogger. Blogger was my first blog host. i had some good times with Blogger, but after 2 months we were fighting every day. i felt like i couldn’t “be myself” within the Blogger platform. Yes, it got kind of ugly and i said some nasty things. Not proud of it… ashamed really. I left Blogger without a single glance back. For the last 5 months, i have pretended that my Blogger blog never existed, tossing it out on the www with no hope of aligned text or good links or any semblance of ok html.

that is until today. today i was like,

“i hate this stupid free crap. i can’t embed my revver flash videos, i can’t add cool javascript widgets from, i can’t add sweet gallary plug-ins, i’m marked as Spam…SPAM on Russian blogs like Arry’s, and i know Slaff hates free wordpressers. this sucks! i suck. why can’t i figure this php, mysql stuff out. why???”

and then i cried. not really. but i wanted to. instead i ate more cookies and lamented over the fact that even if i had a million dollars, i couldn’t buy the iPhone or buy the complete second season of Battlestar Galactica on the iTunes store. seriously Steve, that sucks!!

So… i went and took a look at my old Blogger Blog’s html stuff and found i could code a nice and simple template quite well. i also felt that Blogger had be doing a lot of “self-improvement” and deserved some props for adding a lot of functionality. i was able to put my embedded flash movies up and add a revver widget and some other ad-like java things in the sidebar licketty-split… which made me think,

blogger, you can look quite snazzy, can’t you… quite snazzy indeed! even the header graphic looks better. grrr… it DOES look better. erg! damn you blogger, you’re making my wordpress blog look bad!


i’ll admit it. i feel a wee bit drawn into the javascript friendliness of Blogger… but, alas, i am knee deep in CSS and i know when i upgrade to WordPress 2.2 it will be magical… won’t it???

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  • Reply
    June 29, 2007 at 4:41 AM

    oooh blogger and I had major fights too: it denied me access to my old food blog once they switched to the new google related version of it. so frustrating! I’m liking it over here on wordpress, but I’m a ditz and had no idea that there was more to it than just free accounts.

  • Reply
    Lisa Bettany
    June 29, 2007 at 2:29 PM

    oh there is a whole world of WordPress out there and so many lovely plug-ins to enjoy. it is a bit traumatic though even though they say the whole upgrade only takes 5 minutes… this is an extreme understatement! the green googly monster would not be impressed!

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