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Blog World Round-up

Last week, Startups Schwag sent me to Las Vegas to check out all the cool Startups at Blog World Expo 2008. The expo floor was packed with flashy booths and bloggers, vloggers, podcasters and geeky internet folk.

I caught up with Startups Schwag Alums, Mashable, Lijit, and Disqus at the plethora of glitzy Blog World parties.

In case you missed the festivities, here’s a video recap… Mostly Lisa stylez.

All in all it was an extravaganza of new media & techy goodness (not to be confused with Trekky goodness, which was happening just next door at the Hilton’s “Star Trek: The Experience.” Actually, I had an angry PC vs Mac debate with a Borg dude that ended up quite violently. You know those eye pieces are actually metal? Yep. My iPod will never look same again.

Stay tuned in because we are working with some great new Startups to get you the most rockin’ schwag tees around!

And remember, you can still get your hot little hands on previous Startups Schwag tees, like the famous Mashable potato tee that everyone always asks me about. No need to ask! Just head to the online store and go nutty.

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