Best. Train. Ever.

Feb 28 2010

I take a ride on the luxurious Alberta Train up to Whistler to experience the snowier side of the Winter Olympics. It was definitely the highlight of my Olympic experience so far!

Stay tuned for Part 2.

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  1. You’ve done a really nice job of making Canada look and feel like a really nice and wonderful place. I’ve always wanted to visit Whistler and that train is the icing on the cake!

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  3. Whoaa that train looks legit. Hell yeah Alberta! Come visit us here in Calgary soon :)

  4. how long was the train ride? that train looks nice; I imagine plenty of people use it as a ski train??

  5. you make me jealous. hot pancakes and bacon? i wish. great little post and video, enjoyed it a lot. thanks.
    and oh, about your snowmen. no offence but… life? ok. love? ok. beauty? i don’t know… :-)

  6. How much does a ticket cost? Seems like heaven on that train o.o

  7. That’s awesome Lisa! I took got to partake in the experience of riding up to Whistler with Travel Alberta!

    Did you go up on Saturday too? That’s the day I was on it

  8. The girl eats bacon! She’s a keeper!!!

  9. This seems to have been a sensational experience… Awesome train and trip. Congratulations for the blog and also for your photography website. Your pictures are perfect! I’m thinking about getting a camera and yours (Canon 5DMKII) is one of my options.
    Your videos are really good as well.. I was wondering what camera you use for filming and what application do you use for editing the videos…
    Cheers ;)

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