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Ry and I arrived back in beautiful Vancouver (three cheers for the greenery and fresh air) on Sunday after a crazy weekend in Calgary. Ry’s journey home in the Jessie Farrell “tour bus” was not so smooth. Avalanche road closures and major detours extended the fun by 6 hours. I was also delayed by 2 hours at the Calgary airport because of the “time change” — Not much of an excuse, but that’s what they gave me). Ry stumbled in at around 2am on Sunday. Exhausted. We slept until 3pm on Monday afternoon and upon awaking, suddenly realized that we had tickets to the Christina Aguilera show at GM Place. Ridiculous. I had absolutely no time to glue any rhinestones on my skin tight mini skirt, or go buy a mid-driff baring halter top or squeeze into some 4″ strappy shoes, or, like, even do my hair. But then I remembered that I wasn’t 16 and the panic passed.

The show was amazing and Xtina did not disappoint. Her voice is awe inspiring. I truly believe she is the greatest singer of the current era. I seriously do not know how she does it night after night, but her intonation, phrasing, timing, and pitch were flawless. The band was phenomenal as well. Fun.

Here are some pictures from the show. Pardon the quality as I could not hide the “Beast” camera under my jacket, so I was forced to shoot with Ry’s old point and shoot digi camera. How did I ever make do before my SLR? Seriously?








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