25 Amazing Camera+ Photos

Aug 17 2011

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I am constantly amazed by the photos people create with Camera+. It’s truly inspiring that everyone from a professional photographer to a hobbyist to someone who has never picked up a camera before can create extraordinarily beautiful photos with their iPhone.

I am ecstatic that so many people are exploring their creative side, sharing their photos online, and becoming bonafide iPhoneographers. Over the past year, I’ve seen some breathtaking images taken with Camera+ especially since we added our biggest processing breakthrough and instant “make better” button, Clarity.

I’ve hand-picked some of my favourite images to share with you today. Take a look through these inspirational photos and leave a comment to let us know what you think! For hints on how to take great shots like these, look at the recipes below each image showing the scene mode, crop, effect, and border used to edit the photo.


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8 Responses to “25 Amazing Camera+ Photos”

  1. […] minha amiga Lisa Bettany, fotógrafa e uma das pessoas responsáveis pelo desenvolvimento do app Camera+, publicou […]

  2. Where is the camera + app for android?

  3. really inspiring and this app works great!!!

  4. Brilliant & Beautiful !!

  5. So I was on the http://www.entrepreneur.com and ran across an article about you. I have been using the camera+ app (not camera plus) for at least a year now and I have to say it’s amazing. I’m not kidding I don’t even use the iPhone standard camera app and that’s rare for me because I love all of the standard apps. I always talk about your app whether I’m talking to my friends, on instagram or with my girlfriend. I refuse to take any pics witout it. I thought it was funny reading this post because clairity is my favorite “filter” in the app because it just makes my pics stand out. I was so amazed to hear your story on the http://www.entrepreneur.com and I had to check out your blog. Feel free to check out my blog because my blog either has pictures taken with my Sony-NEX5 or my iPhone 4 and camera+? Here is a link to one of my posts with some pics I took with the camera+ app. :) otherwise my blog is MeHerAndSweden.wordpress.com thanks for camera+ and nice blog.

  6. When there is a Chinese version of the camera+ for iPhone?

  7. I’d really like to see Camera+ on android. Porting it might be hard but Camera+ for a large portion of the smartphone world doesn’t sound bad. Please consider. :)

  8. I think it always depends on whose hands the camera is in. A decent amount of post work does help tho. Nice collection of images

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